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Top Tips When Combining Prints

Top Tips When Combining Prints

Top Tips When Combining Prints
Top Tips When Combining Prints
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Before the rise of street style, social media, and changes in popular culture, fashion was much more rigid and governed by strict rules: never combine brown and black, stay away from mixing prints, use no more than two textures, and so on. However, in recent years, with the rise of street style, social media, and changes in popular culture, what was once forbidden is now permitted and used in magazines, catwalks, and everyday life.

We provide you with some tips that will make “breaking the mould” and incorporating the trend of mixing patterns more tolerable so you can mix prints like a fashion genius.

If you’re unsure whether to start small or go big:

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Stripes & Polka Dots

You can get ideas from famous people like Emma Stone, who frequently wears black and white polka dots and horizontal stripes. The polka dots will be less noticeable the smaller they are. This mixture serves as the starting point for most combinations. The key to making the appearance more night or day is to keep in mind that the larger the print, the more dramatic the impact.

Stripes and flowers or polka dots and flowers

The idea in this situation is to combine a few colours that go well together; flowers are typically the different pattern or the focal point, while stripes or polka dots act as the look’s foundation by acting as a “neutral” or simple hue.

The animal print

From zebra-patterned items to trench jackets with tiger prints. The popularity of animal print merely fluctuates from season to season, but when worn properly, it never truly goes out of style. Think of this trend as the happy medium — the dash of spice you need to add to your wardrobe, whether it’s through a full head-to-toe ensemble or just a few little items. Sure, while wearing animal print clothing, you can always add vivid colours, but if you still want to play it safe, there are also discreet neutral choices.

Top Tips When Combining Prints
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How To Wear Prints & Patterns

You may build a strong basis for combining patterns later on by learning how to include just one pattern at a time:

Substitute a pattern with something more basic.

Finding a design that you can wear over something, such as a patterned shirt under a suit or blazer, is the simplest method to add a print to your current wardrobe. Only a little portion of the print will be visible because of the jacket. If you’re brave enough, you can take off the jacket to reveal the print.

Start with a subtle piece of clothing

Start with socks, a purse, or a scarf if a patterned blouse or dress feels overwhelming. Accessories with patterns may give your outfit some interest without being too garish.

Believe In Yourself

Make it personal! It’s okay if not everyone loves a print that you like. The majority of neutrals are liked by everyone. With prints, that is not the case. Therefore, wear whatever makes you feel good and don’t be discouraged if not everyone likes your print.

Top Tips When Combining Prints
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4 Tips for Combining Prints & Patterns

Contrary to conventional belief, some of the most fashionable dressers frequently blend patterns. Combining patterns may boost your self-assurance and inject some excitement into your ensemble. Here’s how to properly combine prints and patterns.

Get to know your foundation prints

Start with timeless, straightforward designs like polka dots, flowers, and stripes. Then add a stronger print on top. Consider wearing a traditional striped T-shirt underneath a more interesting geometric print. The basic stripe will serve as a neutral and the lines in both designs will complement one another.

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Let there be a power clash

It’s not always necessary to follow trends. There is a lot of strength in choosing two prints that are completely unrelated to one another, even though pairing strong patterns like leopard print and plaid may appear like a fashion faux pas. Use a neutral piece to anchor the ensemble, such as a black blazer or denim jacket.

Patterns of every size

Layering patterns with two distinct sizes is one of the easiest methods to combine patterns. The lower size can function as a neutral when paired with a large-scale design. In this approach, you may create a grunge appearance by pairing a skirt with a little floral design with a large-format plaid flannel.

Colours, colours, colours!

Colours should be carefully considered when dealing with mixed prints. Wildly varied patterns in a more colourful colour scheme can be balanced out by strong patterns in neutral hues, such as black and white. Combining a monochrome design, such as a red-and-white polka-dot, with a multicolour pattern that incorporates the colour from the monochrome pattern, such as a red floral print, is one tactic.

Other Tips & Tricks

Whether warm or cold, maintain a focus colour or stick to the same tonal range. Use discrete, single-toned accessories. Keep your makeup and hair minimal. Large prints shorten and decrease your shape, so employ them with caution. Small prints go nearly undetected, providing you with more choices of combinations. When selecting prints, whether they are stripes or flowers, run horizontally, vertically, or asymmetrically, and consider your figure.

Be bold, possess individuality, and wear your appearance with assurance. If you are still unsure, start mixing and matching with accessories, purses, shoes, and compliments.

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