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We are Fashion Blog with Digital Platform that observe, analyze, and share FASHION TREND for millennial and Gen-Z around the world!

History of Ferbena.com

Back in 2013, we stumbled upon each other in a fashion forum, where we were all pouring our hearts out about our insecurities. And you know what? Instead of wallowing in it, we decided to kick some fashion butt and start up this Fashion Blog. We wanted it to be a digital media platform that everybody, from boomers to millennials like us, and even those Gen-Z kids, could vibe with.

We cover all sorts of stuff – from fashion styling tips that make, honest beauty reviews and lifestyle hacks. We’re like detectives of the internet, scouring through social media, comparing to our lives, analyzing, to make sure our articles are spot-on for anyone who really needs ’em.

We’re a bunch of misfits, really. Different hobbies, different tastes, and a whole lot of different life problems. But you know what unites us? Insecurities. Yep, we’ve all got ’em.

Insecurities are just part of being human, right? It’s that nagging doubt that makes you second-guess everything. And boy, do we have ’em in spades. Check it out:

So, there’s Alexandra – she’s like a part-time fashion guru for local celebs, strutting her stuff since high school. Oh, and she even dabbled in her own clothing brand once.

Then there’s Catherine – she’s all about that self-healing and living the healthy life, wandering around Asia with her hubby.

Next up, there’s Sasha – she’s all about K-pop and K-dramas and used to be the queen of battling acne. Now, she’s all about those beauty and makeup tips, trying out every trend she can get her hands on.

And then there’s Seymor – he’s into SEO, gaming, and tech, but surprise, surprise, he’s also a sucker for beauty and healthy living.

There’s Benaya – a minimalist at heart who’s all about sprucing up her minimalist life with some home decor ideas and improvement tips.

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