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6 Ways to Activate Masculine Energy

6 Ways to Activate Masculine Energy

6 Ways to Activate Masculine Energy
6 Ways to Activate Masculine Energy
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No man has purely feminine or masculine energy. That said, some skew more toward either end of the spectrum. Both masculinity and femininity have their unique advantages and shortcomings. However, if you want to embody stable, predictable, and logical traits, you will benefit most from leaning into your masculinity. Cultivating healthy masculinity helps you exhibit masculine characteristics that come in handy in certain situations. Many scenarios will make you appreciate having a surge of masculine energy coursing through your veins. For instance, perhaps you are planning a dinner date with one of the many beautiful escorts London, and want to be at your most masculine for the evening ahead. Here are some tips to encourage your masculine energy to thrive:

Take up a challenging exercise routine

Challenging exercises like heavyweight exercises get you into your masculinity more than anything else. Put your body through the physical test through vigorous workouts that bring an endorphin rush. You will sweat out all your worries and get an extra boost of testosterone production that your masculinity feeds off. Moreover, such exercises improve your self-esteem, sex drive and overall health. Incorporate some compound and body weight exercises in your routine. Going hard on the squats, pull-ups, deadlifts, and push-ups will get that masculine energy flowing through your blood.

Schedule time with your guys

There is something about spending time with your guys that brings out the masculine energy to play. When you are in the exclusive company of other men, you soak in each other’s energy and awaken the masculine energy. It is no wonder frats and gangs have done well over the years. Spending time with other males inspires their masculinity. They are in a socially acceptable cocoon that allows them to be around other men without it seeming strange. Try to hang out with your fellow men to recharge your masculine batteries when they deplete. Attend men’s retreats and camps. You will leave feeling fulfilled. And with a new sense of drive and directionality.


The stresses associated with the daily hustle and bustle of life can take a toll on even the most aggressive males. Clocking hours on your computer and phone gets your mind on overdrive. You will barely manage healthy sleep habits. Cultivating healthy sleep habits encourages testosterone production, which translates to a boost in your masculine energy. Try to unplug from your devices now and then. Be sure to keep the gadgets away within a two-hour range before bedtime.

Align with your masculine nature through meditation

Meditation involves practising stillness which is instrumental in expanding your consciousness. Mediation introduces an element of consciousness to day-to-day life, helping you align with your masculine essence. Practice stillness to increase your essential masculinity. You will realise the benefits in other facets of your life too. To aid you in this journey, you can opt to take organic daily mushroom supplements. These can help you tune into your inner world. 

Get a testosterone boost

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that plays a chief role in boosting masculine energy. Low testosterone levels in the body translate to diminished masculine energy. The reverse is true. High levels of the sex hormone lead to a boost in masculinity. Self-regulation and manipulation of the autonomous nervous systems help build testosterone levels. Get your blood work to check that testosterone levels are at par if you suspect they are low. Thanks to various companies, you can do the test in the privacy of your home. If your levels are lower than normal, consider getting a doctor-directed testosterone replacement therapy to get your hormone level up and again and boost your masculinity.

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Work with a coach

It may seem impressive and masculine to want to do everything by yourself. However, it is only realistic to admit that some things work best with a helping hand from professionals. Growing your masculinity is one such thing that benefits significantly from professional intervention. A men’s coach will inspire and motivate you to execute proper strategies to improve your life and masculinity. Browse online for a coach worth their salt on matters men and masculinity. Their input will be beneficial to your relationships across all scopes. A men’s coach will help you embody your true masculine nature. The confidence will radiate from the inside and will, without a doubt, be reflected on the outside too. Get a mentor to help you unlock your potential and rise above mediocrity to utmost masculinity.

Wrapping up

Masculinity can be a polarising topic that evokes all manner of emotions. And that is because most people focus on the extreme side, which can be abrasive and toxic to many people. In its true essence, healthy masculinity introduces men to a new perspective that allows them to share their feelings while remaining level-headed enough to strive for success and status. Healthy masculinity will motivate you as a man to persist longer and work harder in all your capacities and endeavours.

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