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Top 9 Benefits of Micro Pigmentation for Hair Loss

Top 9 Benefits of Micro Pigmentation for Hair Loss

Top 9 Benefits of Micro Pigmentation for Hair Loss
Top 9 Benefits of Micro Pigmentation for Hair Loss
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Let’s face it: We live in an unforgiving and judgmental world where your looks are everything. The way you look influences whether or not you find a partner and how people treat you. If we’re being honest, your looks also influence the kind of job you get.

After all, people are more receptive to attractive people. So, it’s unsurprising that hair loss is a huge deal despite it affecting 50% and 85% of women and men by age 50.

Luckily, micro pigmentation has proven to be an excellent solution for hair loss. It’s normal to be skeptical about the procedure, especially if you’ve never heard of it.

The good news is that this article contains reasons for the procedure’s popularity. Read on for the full benefits of scalp micro pigmentation.

1. It’s Economical

Compared to other options like hair transplants, scalp micro pigmentation is more affordable. Unlike hair transplants, scalp tattoos don’t need surgical equipment or procedures.

This eliminates the need for multiple practitioners during the process, making them cheaper. They’re also more affordable in the long run since they need minimal maintenance.

The process is also cheaper than conventional methods like using hair recovery products. Most popular hair shampoos and growth tonics hair products don’t work.

Companies only brand them as ‘hair recovery products’ to attract buyers. You could spend thousands of dollars on products and not get the results you want. But, this isn’t the case with scalp micro pigmentation since results are visible.

2. It’s Safe

People avoid hair loss treatments because some are associated with adverse side effects. Many people have come forward complaining about scars after hair transplant surgeries. Others complain about the chemicals in most hair products that cause more hair loss.

But, you can’t find complaints about scalp micro pigmentation. It’s the safest procedure since it’s not invasive and doesn’t rely on chemicals. You can always ask for a patch test before the procedure if you’re concerned about your skin’s reaction to the dye used.

3. It’s a Fast-Healing Procedure

You don’t need to worry about creating time for this procedure since it heals fast. You don’t have to take time off work or disrupt your plans to recover from scalp pigmentation.

The key reason behind this procedure’s fast healing is that it’s non-invasive. You won’t have wounds to clean and dress or stitches to change.

All you need to do is keep your head clean in the days following the scalp tattooing. Do this, and you don’t have to worry about office gossip claiming that you’ve undergone the procedure.

4. It Requires Little Maintenance

A scalp micro pigmentation procedure involves using ink to create the illusion of hair. Since practitioners don’t use real hair, you don’t need to do much for maintenance. You don’t need to spend time styling your hair before going out, nor do you need to buy expensive hair products like you would for real hair.

You only need to wash your head and apply sunscreen to preserve the dye. You can also use some wax if you’re looking for an extra shine. Avoid exfoliating your scalp, as this could affect the pigment’s intensity.

5. Scalp Tattoos Look Like Actual Hair

This procedure is also popular because it creates a realistic look. No one can distinguish between actual hair and a scalp hair tattoo. A professional will consider several factors to ensure the scalp tattoo looks natural.

The first is your natural hair color. They’ll blend the tattoo into your natural hair by choosing a dye color that resembles your hair color. To do this, the practitioners will need to buzz down your hair.

A professional will also consider whether you have existing hair follicles. They’ll replicate the follicles’ patterns for a natural blend if you do.

They’ll also consider your facial structures to find the best hairline position. Your skin tone will also play a role in determining the best dye pigment. As you can see, a lot goes into ensuring you get realistic-looking results.

6. It’s Long Lasting

One of the key drawbacks of procedures like hair transplants is that they need follow-ups. Failing to undergo these sessions every few months results in repeated hair loss.

However, you never have to worry about this with scalp micropigmentation. The procedure lasts for up to eight years, after which you’ll need new pigmentation.

Restorative pigmentation is necessary because the skin exfoliates itself over time. A touch-up is required after eight years to maintain your pigment’s intensity.

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7. It Hides Scars

Scalp pigmentation is the perfect solution if you want to hide imperfections. Practitioners use dye pigments to hide scars from accidents or invasive procedures.

By camouflaging the scars, these pigments save you from having to answer questions you don’t want. You can also undergo the procedure to hide a receding hairline if it’s a sensitive topic for you.

8. It Creates a Youthful Look

Most people believe that hair loss is an ‘old people’ problem. So, it’s common for them to assume that any bald person they come across is old.

But, this isn’t the case as hair loss results from more than just age. It also results from genetics and medical conditions beyond anyone’s control.

Scalp tattooing allows you to meet society’s perception of a young person. You never have to deal with demeaning comments about your age with this procedure.

9. It’s a Confidence Booster

Our confidence relies heavily on what other people think about us.

So, we tend to be more confident when we’re conventionally attractive. This procedure can help you achieve this. You don’t need to retreat into yourself to avoid uncomfortable questions anymore.

Micro Pigmentation is the Answer You’ve Been Looking For

You’ll come across many options when searching for a hair loss recovery solution. None is as effective, simple, stress-free, or affordable as scalp micro pigmentation.

You only need a few sessions to create the illusion of a full head of hair. A professional will ensure it looks natural by choosing the most suitable pigment for your scalp. Don’t be left behind as more people turn to scalp tattoos.

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