Brunette Hair Style Inspiration By Celebrities
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Brunette Hair Style Inspiration By Celebrities

Brunette Hair Style Inspiration By Celebrities

Brunette Hair Style Inspiration By Celebrities – From decadent chocolates to yummy honeys toKate Middleton’s iconic hue,  courtesy of Hollywood’s most breathtaking brunettes.

Zooey Deschanel's Cool Chestnut
Zooey Deschanel’s Cool Chestnut | Brunette Hair Style Inspiration By Celebrities

Zooey Deschanel’s cool chestnut color hits the sweet spot on the high-low scale—high-fashion, low-maintence.

Sofia Vergara's Sun-Kissed Highlights
Sofia Vergara’s Sun-Kissed Highlights

Add subtle highlights around your face for a sun-kissed glow.

Miranda Kerr's Light Mocha
Miranda Kerr’s Light Mocha

Miranda Kerr’s decadent mocha looks delicious enough to eat.

Mila Kunis's Ombre
Mila Kunis’s Ombre

Try out Mila Kunis’s warmed-up ends. Everyone will think you’re super-trendy, instead of, you know, lazy.

Katie Holmes's Dark Ash Brown
Katie Holmes’s Dark Ash Brown

The trick to making monochromatic colorlook multidimensional.

Kate Middleton's Medium Ash Brown
Kate Middleton’s Medium Ash Brown

Her medium ash hue has warm undertones to keep the color from looking dull.

Karlie Kloss's Vibrant Walnut
Karlie Kloss’s Vibrant Walnut

Barely-there traces of blond give Karlie Kloss’s walnut hue multidimensional shine.

Jennifer Lopez's Yummy Honey
Jennifer Lopez’s Yummy Honey

Amp up beachy browns with slight ribbons of honey and just a touch of darker caramel underneath.

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Dakota Fanning's Spicy Cinnamon
Dakota Fanning’s Spicy Cinnamon

This sultry cinnamon is a great in-the-middle tone if you’re on the fence between red and brunette.

Angelina Jolie's Warm Auburn
Angelina Jolie’s Warm Auburn

Angelina Jolie’s sunny auburn works best for gals with naturally warm tones — otherwise prepare to make more frequent trips to your colorist.

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