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Reviewing 5 Apps That Promise Tinnitus Relief

Reviewing 5 Apps That Promise Tinnitus Relief

Reviewing 5 Apps That Promise Tinnitus Relief
Reviewing 5 Apps That Promise Tinnitus Relief
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Tinnitus can be a debilitating condition to live with. This is especially true in severe cases of tinnitus or for those who have general difficulty accepting & coping with the condition. On the bright side, not only are there several forms of professional help for tinnitus out there, but there are even apps out there that can relieve symptoms associated with this condition.

While not all of these apps are free, many of them at least offer a free trial to start. Not to mention, these are science-backed apps that have many features that are highly-rated and shown to work for tinnitus sufferers.

1. Beltone Calmer

Calmer is an app created by the hearing aid manufacturer, Beltone. This useful tinnitus app has three main features categorized as: relax, sound, and learn.

The relax feature of the app offers different methods of relaxation from deep breathing exercises to guided meditation. The sound library offers a plethora of different noises to help mask out the buzzing or ringing caused by tinnitus. As for the learning module, tinnitus sufferers can learn more about their condition and how to change negative thoughts towards their tinnitus.

2. Oto

Oto is another great app for help with tinnitus. Upon starting the app, you will be shown various modules regarding tinnitus relief. The app also features multiple means of helping those with tinnitus including, but not excluded to, sleep support, CBT techniques, and exercises for proper breathing to promote relaxation.

3. AudioCardio

As the name might suggest, AudioCardio is a tinnitus app that has to do with improving the hearing of sufferers. The app does this through threshold sound conditioning by training your ears to hear higher decibels slowly but surely.

With regular use of the app, tinnitus sufferers notice improved hearing and, as a result, reduced levels of tinnitus as their brain learns to shift focus towards sounds other than their internal ringing/buzzing.

4. Diapason

A company called Immersive Therapy came up with the Diapason app to help you better understand your tinnitus. This personalized app will generate a diagram of how you score in various categories: sleep, control, hearing, regulation, and mood after you complete a lengthy questionnaire.

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After completion of the questionnaire, the app also gives you the opportunity to engage in guided relaxation exercises, CBT sessions, sound therapy, and articles to learn more about tinnitus.

5. T-Minus

For a large library of different masking options and sounds, from nature sounds to fractal tones, download the T-Minus app. The great thing about this app is that you can customize each sound until it’s ideal for you. For instance, you can combine multiple sounds together, add white noise, or change the volume.

What is more, T-Minus is frequently updated. This means that users can get access to even more features and sounds.


Living with tinnitus can be a challenge from increased levels of anxiety to difficulty concentrating. While it’s suggested that those with chronic tinnitus should be getting professional help in dealing with the condition, there are also useful apps for tinnitus sufferers to use as a form of relief.

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