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Helena Ivanova: A Real Vintage Lover

Helena Ivanova A Real Vintage Lover

Helena Ivanova: A Real Vintage Lover – Seems that vintage lover already booming! One of them is Helena Ivanova, Rock n roll fashion blogger from Rusia.

Let see what conversation between us about her look I’m your personal jesus we found on

Helena Ivanova A Real Vintage Lover

Helena Ivanova A Real Vintage Lover

How would you describe your style?

My style is me,myself and only. It’s a mix of ages,difference,some rock’n’roll and of cause vintage. I’m a real vintage lover! I am keen on wearing skirts which length and designs are different. I also love hats. I guess they’re my fetish including bright makeup and red lipstick.

Do you like black? What’s the most ur favorite color for fashion?

Yes, I like black. It’s on of the basic color so it can be actually mixed with other colors. I also like basic things such as nude tops,shoes,black jackets etc. That’s why I like black. Another thing that I appreciate black is that color is really dark and it reminds me about gothic. I love gothic and it can be compared with Middle Ages (which I like too). Black is color of tragedy and death. I find it inspiring!

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I love your glasses. is that the one of your favorite?

I like this glasses too. Honestly speaking I like wearing glasses so I have many of them. This one is from ZeroUV. Amazing shop with numerous designs of stylish glasses and sunglasses! I recommend you to visit it and even buy something ’cause prices are very low.

Last one, can you tell me one by one what are you wearing?

As I say I like wearing skirts,dresses,glasses and hats. I’m keen on vintage and old fashion. This kind is my favourite and I try to dress up in this way.

Thanks for Helena about answering our question! You’re very kind!

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Don’t forget to visit her blog and instagram.

Keep up your style , helena.


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