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Is The Clip In Extensions Worth It?

Is The Clip In Extensions Worth It?

Is the clip in extensions worth it?

You’ve heard different horror stories about ruined hairs and women developing bald spots, no thanks to hair extensions.

Is the clip in extensions worth it?
Is the clip in extensions worth it?

This is why there’s so much negativity surrounding its usage, and the internet is not doing enough justice when it comes to sensitizing the public about its functionality and whether or not it is indeed worth the investment. Thankfully though, we all can’t deny the fact that when used properly, clip-in extensions such as the Remy clip in hair extensions are worth every penny.

What is clip in hair extension?

Clip-in hair extension also referred to as clip-in weaves, is an attachment method where a chunk of hair is easily installed into one’s natural hair by multiple small pressure-sensitive clips. It is the fastest and the easiest type of hair extensions that you can make use of without seeking professional help. In simple terms, it is a temporary method of hair extensions – meaning, you can clip your hair in and out whenever you want. An ideal option if you are looking to add more volume and length to your hair.

Some clip-in hair extensions include different sized wefts of hair which range from one to four clips. Attachment dates back decades, especially in the fashion world. They are the perfect solution for ladies who prefer thicker and longer hair without the stress, putting in long-term work or emptying their purses.

Why is clip in hair extensions worth using?

The best clip in hair extensions aren’t cheap; they usually cost between $110 to $900 (on average of course). Clip-in hair extensions give you a whole lot of flexibility – letting you work with different hairstyles in a short period.

The service life of the clip in the hair extension

The service life of clip in hair extensions depends on how well you take care of them as well as the products used on them. And there’s the unanswered question of how often you wear them with regular wear and proper care, luxury hair extensions such as the Remy clip in hair extensions.

Is the clip in extensions worth it?
Is the clip in extensions worth it?

The advantages of clip in hair extensions

  • It adds extra volume to your hair.

Contrary to what you were told, hair extension doesn’t just extend the length of your hair, just as the name suggests. Clip-in hair extensions are designed to add extra volume to your hair. Works perfectly with all sorts of hair due to its thickness and would make you look good when you wear one.

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  • The lifespan makes it worth all the investment. 

Quality clip-in extensions last about three months to one year. Meanwhile, you can get your hair styled anyhow you want. It is very beneficial, especially for those with stiff hair texture on their natural hair. With natural hair clip-ins, you will have enough room to play around with the color and the length of your hair.

  • More hair means more styles to work with 

Reiteratively, having more hair means you have different styles to work with – impressive, right? Either a natural down-running hair, fishtail braid , a sleek side part, or a high ponytail; you’ll be able to make awesome hairstyles and stand out uniquely.

Easy to use clip in hair extensions

The best and the easiest-to-use clip in hair extensions are those that blend perfectly well with your hair. They fit perfectly to your lifestyle, for instance, if you work out often, shower, play sports, swim, or dance regularly. It is best to consider short-term methods of hair extensions – these temporal hair extensions include clip in hair extensions; why? That’s because they can easily be removed for the duration of these activities and clipped back in when you are done.

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