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5 Secret Tips For Having Cleaner Hair

5 Secret Tips For Having Cleaner Hair

5 Secret Tips For Having Cleaner Hair
5 Secret Tips For Having Cleaner Hair

Having beautiful hair everyone can achieve that, but having cleaner hair, who knows? Of course we can all think about it. But basically, we don’t know for sure if it actually makes our hair clean or just looks clean.

Amber hair stylist and barber from Instagram has given her best secret tips that are very useful for us in cleaning our hair much cleaner. Of course in makes sense ways, and also, this is an important thing for us, especially for those who has dandruff and oily hair type. Our goal is having cleaner hair much easier with these 5 secret tips below;

1. Make sure the water is not too hot

If the water is too hot it can dry out our scalp and your hair.

2. Wet your hair thoroughly all the way through

If there’s not enough water on your hair the shampoo won’t spread evenly over your scalp.

3. Emulsify the shampoo for better distribution

This helps the product to go further as they are really concentrated, and shampoo 2 times if your hair needs it.

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4. Only apply shampoo to your scalp

Shampoo strips the natural oils from your hair to clean it. Shampoo is for roots conditioner is for ends.

5. Apply conditioner only to the end

Conditioner on the roots can often make it greasy. Unless it’s a conditioner is designed for the roots so always read the label! Note: if you need to apply conditioner to your roots to restore those oils or else you’ll dry your hair and scalp out.

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