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5 Essentials When Planning an Elegant Wedding in London

5 Essentials When Planning an Elegant Wedding in London

5 Essentials When Planning an Elegant Wedding in London
5 Essentials When Planning an Elegant Wedding in London
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Have you recently become engaged and now find yourself ready to enter the world of wedding planning? The wedding industry is massive and couples quickly find out that the number of choices available to them can be pretty overwhelming. You can plan just about any style of a wedding on any budget, guaranteeing it’s the day of your dreams.

If you have decided on an elegant wedding in London, there will be many details to work out. Here we’ll cover some of the top essentials you won’t want to miss on the list.

The Venue Will Be the Most Important Decision

While each choice you make regarding wedding planning will affect the outcome, the venue is easily the most impactful decision. The venue needs to fit your vision and theme, so it’s wise to start looking around as early as possible. Popular venues can book months and even years in advance, so this should be priority number one.

There are plenty of aspects that make a venue more elegant including the location, the scenery, the interior design, the finishes, the unique features and so forth. Be sure it will also fit your vision in terms of how many guests it will hold.

Invest in the Décor at the Ceremony and Reception Space

Couples tend to pick at least one aspect of the wedding to splurge on and in terms of an elegant wedding, it makes sense to splurge on décor. The décor used at the ceremony and reception space should reflect the tone of the wedding and be consistent, in that you use the same theme, colours and textures.

One of the best forms of elegant décor is flowers. Find ways to incorporate floral arrangements into the table design, the venue space, and the wedding photos. Flowers that are seen as elegant choices include:

An Elegant Car Helps Set the Tone

Usually, there is transportation needed at some point of the day so this is another great opportunity to make an elegant choice. When hiring wedding cars London, you can choose something that makes a statement such as a classic car like a Bentley or Rolls Royce. Just imagine how incredible you and other members of the wedding party will look stepping out of such a luxurious vehicle. It would be a photo opportunity moment.

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The Wedding Attire Needs Thoughtful Consideration

The wedding attire also needs thoughtful consideration. Not only should you as the couple make elegant choices, but you’ll want the wedding party to also be in formal wear. You can take it a step further and request that your guests also dress in formal wear.

The Menu Will Complete the Theme

You can cap off your elegant London wedding with a menu that oozes luxury. If the reception space has on-site catering make sure you can have an input into the menu so that it matches your expectations.

Planning an elegant wedding in London doesn’t have to be stressful. Just make sure you cover the basics and always keep your theme in mind.

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