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Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal Aftercare
Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal Aftercare
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The laser removal of hair is a professional beauty procedure that is usually carried out by a dermatologist to remove unwanted hair. During the process, concentrated light is used on the hair follicles to destroy the hairs. Laser treatments for hair removal are commonly used for the face, back, armpits, chest, bikini line, and legs. Despite the advances in the technologies used over time, laser hair removal is still a complex treatment that requires a lot of careful attention to aftercare. How you care for your skin afterwards will reduce any potential damage and the risk of side effects.


The best laser hair removal Oxford will provide you with specific instructions for caring for your skin after having the procedure done. Some of the main things that you should do after getting laser hair removal include:

Apply Creams as Directed

You may be given a steroid cream to minimise discomfort and pain after the treatment. Apply as directed, and consider taking over the counter painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications to help with pain relief.

Apply a Cool Compress

Use cool water to dampen a clean, soft cloth and apply it to the area for a few minutes at a time to get some relief. You may also want to wrap an ice pack in a thin cloth or paper towel and use this. It will help to reduce any swelling or discomfort after having the treatment.

Keep Out of the Sun

After laser hair removal, your skin will be sensitive so you should avoid direct sun exposure. Avoid sitting in the sun for around one month before and one month after the procedure. Apply sunscreen to the treated area daily.


While it’s important to know what to do to improve the healing process, knowing what to avoid is just as important.

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Don’t Use Cosmetics

Don’t apply any cosmetics, such as deodorant, fake tan or makeup to the area that has been treated, since this can cause skin irritation, slow down the healing process and increase the risk of side effects. Using cosmetic products on the area can increase the risk of burns, rashes and bumps, so simply keep it clean with a non-scented, gentle soap and water until fully healed.

Don’t Get Treatments Too Soon After One Another

When getting laser hair removal, it might be necessary to go for more than one treatment to get the results that you want. Ideally, you should book any recurring treatments for no sooner than four to six weeks apart from one another. This gives your skin enough time to heal between treatments and helps you avoid pain, discomfort and side effects that you might be at a higher risk of if you don’t wait long enough before going back.

Laser hair removal technology is only improving and this can be an ideal option if you want to get rid of unwanted body hair for good. But before you decide whether or not this is the right procedure for you, it’s a good idea to understand the do’s and don’ts of aftercare.

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