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5 Delicious Authentic Mexican Special Dishes You Need To Try

5 Delicious Authentic Mexican Special Dishes You Need To Try

5 Delicious Authentic Mexican Special Dishes You Need To Try
5 Delicious Authentic Mexican Special Dishes You Need To Try

Mexican authentic dishes are quite famous for their fresh, sour, savoury and spicy food. One of the Mexican foods that have this taste is tacos. Tacos are one of the most popular and well-known Mexican foods. Because of its popularity, there are fast food restaurants from America that make tacos their main menu. Some of you may already be familiar with the restaurant, considering this fast food restaurant already has branches all over the world.

There are many Mexican restaurants that offer authentic specialties. You can taste a variety of Mexican food menus, and here are some best recommendations that you should try or make the dishes yourself at home.

1. Quesadillas

Quesadilla is one of Mexican foods with a savoury taste. This dish is made from tortillas filled with cheese, meat, vegetables, and salsa.  Although there are many versions of this dish, the authentic version is thought to have originated in Southern or Central Mexico. Also, real quesadillas are usually made from corn tortillas and oaxaca cheese.

2. Enchiladas

This dish is often referred to as “wet burrito” or burrito with sauce. In fact, these two dishes are different. Generally, enchiladas are made from corn tortillas, while burritos use flour or tortilla flour. In addition, enchiladas are served with a drizzle of tomato and chilli sauce. This sauce provides a delicious spicy taste.

3. Mexican Rice

Mexican rice also known as Spanish rice is made with the main ingredients of rice, tomatoes, and chicken broth. Although often referred to as Spanish rice, Mexican rice turns out to have a bit of a difference with this dish.

According to Spanish rice is usually cooked with saffron, while Mexican rice with cumin. The difference of using these two spices will give a slightly different colour for the dish. The other main difference in texture between the two dishes, Mexican rice has a fluffier texture than Spanish rice and is perfect for serving while it’s still warm. 

4. Tacos

This no-doubt delicious food that was mentioned at the beginning. Tacos are foods made from tortilla sheets filled with meat, vegetables, and sauce before being folded. The filling for tacos is a lot of variety, depending on the preferences of each person. This dish is so popular that it is easy to find in any Mexican-style restaurant.

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5. Chicken Fajita

Chicken Fajita is made from grilled chicken slices that are cooked and sauteed with peppers and onions. This food has a delicious spicy and savoury taste. This dish is usually served with warm tortillas and the feeling of fresh lime. How to cook it is quite easy, the ingredients needed are also easy to get. The ingredients needed are chicken, peppers, onions, spices, lime juice, and tortillas.


After reading the five dishes above, it feels like you want to quickly eat and stop by a Mexican restaurant, right? In addition to visiting the restaurant, you can also try to make it yourself at home. Enjoy tasting those delicious Mexican food!

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