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The Best Seafood for Improving Your Health

The Best Seafood for Improving Your Health

The Best Seafood for Improving Your Health
The Best Seafood for Improving Your Health
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Adding fish into your diet can be beneficial for your health, but it can be difficult to know where to start with the plethora of options available. These choices are some of the most nutritious to keep your body functioning healthily and should be reasonably easy to access in any location. Mostly affordable, these are the best seafood for improving your health on a budget. Plus, they are tasty and versatile, so what is not to love?


This is probably the most expected fish, but it is for good reason. Salmon is rich in healthy fats, calcium, and vitamin D, making it a convenient source of nutrition. Due to being caught in its natural habitat, salmon is less exposed to contaminants and processed fish food which can pose health risks. Consider introducing salmon into your meals with rice, beans, potato, and salad as possible side dishes.


Known for its convenience, tuna is a popular fish eaten worldwide. Added to a salad or pasta dish, tuna is a quick and easy source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and selenium. The antioxidant properties of tuna are beneficial for reducing inflammation and improving your health. Bigger types of tuna fish do tend to have a high mercury content, so make sure to search for smaller species like the skipjack as opposed to yellowfin, ahi tuna, and albacore.


Another people-pleaser choice of fish is cod. You cannot go wrong with cod and chips, with the milder flavor appealing to people who are not typically seafood enthusiasts. This makes it a convenient alternative for children, providing nutrition without the strong taste or odor. Grill and bake cod to keep cod low in fat for health benefits. Not to mention, cod is naturally high in proteins which are necessary for most bodily functions. The best thing is that cod is cheap to buy from a fishmonger london and worldwide.


Many types of fish on the market are underrated, including mackerel. As an oily fish, mackerels are the perfect source of omega-3s. This means they are great to incorporate into a diet intended to lower blood pressure and inflammation. Mackerel is one of the most nutritious fish, offering proteins, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12, vitamin D, iron, copper, selenium, and iodine – all of which are vital for healthy functioning. Trying grilled mackerel with mashed potato, rice, or vegetables on the side can be an effective way to improve your health.

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Although it will not appeal to everyone due to the distinct flavor, sardines offer many health benefits. The tiny, edible bones provide a source of calcium, and the fish is rich in iron and selenium. Sardines can be enjoyed as a snack with crackers, with a tomato pasta dish, or with lemon and garlic flavoring. For people interested beyond plainer tasting fish, sardines are often inexpensive and worth trying.

If you are looking to improve your health, you should consider this seafood. Salmon, tuna, cod, mackerel, and sardines offer a variety of flavors and textures to suit everyone. These fishes are naturally rich in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals which are essential for regular functioning in the body. Consider implementing some of these fish into your meals to improve your health.

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