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What is A Pinafore Dress? How To Style Them?

What is A Pinafore Dress? How To Style Them?

Try Go Back To 90's With Pinafore Outfit
Try Go Back To 90’s With Pinafore Outfit

Pinafore is 90’s inspired jumper dress shaped like this apron comes with color and motif cute and playful. Let’s see pinafore outfit mix and match!

How to style them?

#Think Mint

Try Go Back To 90's With Pinafore Outfit

Pinafore mint colors like light green, light blue, or pink pastel fits really your time hanging out with friends. Try to solidmatch with longmatching sweater, so that the appearance of a touch of mintmu increasingly felt. Do not forget to put on your favorite necklace, yes!

#Layering Effect

Try Go Back To 90's With Pinafore Outfit

Want to look more fashionable with pinafore? Yuk, solid match-your outfit with a layering technique used increasingly hits the street styler fabulous and fashion bloggers. For example, you want to look sporty-chic, try to use oversized outerwear with bold motifs and online. Add also the statement cap increasingly attractive!

#Vintage Preppy

Try Go Back To 90's

Looking for a classy- vintage outfit? You can try style style preppy look. Mix and match with your pinafore-collared shirt and maximize-your preppy look with black stockings. Statement bag is a must-have item for you, too.

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  • Hi. I’ve trying to find a pinafore, but I have no luck finding anything. Where could I go to get them. I’d really appreciate for you to take the time and answer my question. Thank you.

    • have you checked in thrift store / vintage store? Or you can just make it in a taylor you trust πŸ™‚

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