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Tips How to Get Prepare for Bikini Competitions

Tips How to Get Prepare for Bikini Competitions

They count down the days until they can go crazy with food and be done! But for prep to be a worthwhile mission, you genuinely need to enjoy the challenge leading up to your competition day.


Most people just count the minutes of cardio they do. Nothing wrong with that, but we suggest prefer having a weekly calorie goal. Training split will be shoulders, hamstring and glutes, upper body and legs. And try learn how to pose.


You can absolutely hold onto whatever muscle mass you’ve put on through competition prep! In fact, it will be much easier than you think once you start eating again! However, the low level of body fat you must have to step on stage is not healthy or sustainable long term.  Reverse dieting is the process of gradually adding calories back into your diet until you have returned to a healthy caloric intake that you can maintain post competition.

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Choose the right bikini suit

This is the most important thing to do, you need to stand out of the crowd, right? When wearing your figure competition suit, you should have the hips straps hiked up as much as possible! When the hip straps are worn higher, closer to the navel, it creates the appearance of a slim and lean torso. Wearing the hip straps higher also reduces chances of the straps digging in to your skin.  Our pick below from and check them out!

Tips How to Get Prepare for Bikini Competitions


Tips How to Get Prepare for Bikini Competitions


Tips How to Get Prepare for Bikini Competitions


Tips How to Get Prepare for Bikini Competitions


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Be happy and enjoy the process

Show day is should be so much fun. First show day ever will be one of the best days of our life thus far simply because of the excitement of it, the friendships made, and the total rush of being on stage. Take lots of pictures, get to know the other girls, and live in the moment! It goes so so  fast and before you know it, you’re being shuffled off stage to go eat all of the delicious treats you have been dreaming about!


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