Sustainable Lifestyle: Key to Saving the Planet
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Sustainable Lifestyle: Key to Saving the Planet

Sustainable Lifestyle: Key to Saving the Planet

Sustainable Lifestyle: Key to Saving the Planet

How much we’ve damaged the Earth is alarming. This is supposed to be our home, a place we attach so much value to its condition.

Sustainable Lifestyle: Key to Saving the Planet
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But sadly, so many activities we engage in only constitute further to its destruction.

Manufacturing processes are draining our natural resources to a great extent; CO2 is emitted at an exponential rate, leading to global warming. And only a few people are planting trees to reduce this toxic carbon compound that comes from our use of fossil fuels.

But if that were all, it would have been a tad manageable.

Most products we buy are not eco-friendly. Think about shopping bags, straws, and all other plastic materials which make up a massive percentage of our purchases. These non-compostable materials take up space in landfills, and when they burn, they emit more CO2 into the atmosphere. Likewise, when people wash denim jeans, tiny fibers shed and flow into water bodies, polluting the ocean and destroying aquatic life.

These are just a few scenarios.

And sustainable living through conscious actions is the only solution that can cause a U-turn to the environment.

So if you desire to contribute to saving the planet, here are a few sustainable lifestyle ideas. 

1. Go plastic-free

Thousands of seabirds and other marine life die yearly after consuming plastic floating in the ocean. Plastic never goes away. You can avoid it by opting for sustainable, reusable shopping bags, sugarcane straws, and ditching products packaged in plastic. There are now several sustainable alternatives to plastic.

2. Travel responsibly

Transportation constitutes almost half of the entire environmental pollution due to carbon emissions. And the more you go about with your vehicle, the more fossil fuel needs to get burned. You can maintain a more sustainable lifestyle by traveling less. If you only need to cover a short distance walk or cycle. It also boosts your health.

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3. Make room for less waste

Every product you buy leaves an environmental footprint. It becomes disastrous if they end up in landfills.  One way to save the planet is to recycle your products creatively. Instead of throwing that tin can away, use it as a plant pot or to store coins. Find ways to reuse those non-compostable materials, and you’d be reducing your environmental footprint.

Lotta Washable Silk Blouse in Navy Sauvage
Lotta Washable Silk Blouse in Navy Sauvage

4. Shop consciously

Choose what you buy just as where you buy it. Buying less will not only save you money but also reduce waste, benefiting you and the planet. There are now sustainable women’s clothing as well as men’s, and you can also recycle your used wears. By purchasing eco-friendly products, you encourage companies to delve more into sustainable production.

5. Watch what you eat

Food production, especially meat, uses up a great deal of non-renewable energy, leading to pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and habitat destruction. But sadly, about 40% of this food goes to waste, wasting all the resources that went into its production. By limiting how much food you waste, you play your part in reducing the sad outcome.

Gardenia Jumpsuit in Vine
Gardenia Jumpsuit in Vine

Bottom Line

There are so many eco-friendly products and lifestyle changes we can adopt and still enjoy life as much as we want to. We only have to take the stance, and others will follow, including those industries that are dependent on our purchases.

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