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Make Up Tips for Women Who Wore Glasses

Make Up Tips for Women Who Wore Glasses

Women with glasses
Make Up Tips for Women Who Wore Glasses
Make Up Tips for Women Who Wore Glasses

For this time we will you some Make Up tips for Women Who Wore Glasses. Glasses are not an obstacle for you to apply make-up or eyeshadow as you want. You can really look stunning and play eyeshadow behind glasses frames.

Here are  following makeup tutorial to give effect to beautiful eyes and sparkle for women who use glasses before the activity outside the house.

Step 1
1. Use concealer on the bottom eyelid to cover blemishes and smoothies the skin’s surface.

Step 2
Then apply foundation all over the face sow thinly and evenly . Choose a foundation that match the skin tone , so as not to appear too white or too dark .

Step 3
Give a little bit of make -up application on the brows with a brown eyeshadow and brush to make it look natural . Part eyebrows will be the center of attention when other people talk to you , because this part is closest to the eye and unobstructed eyeglass frames .

Step 4
To give fresh effect on the eye, give a shimmer on the lids of your eyes .

Step 5
You need to give a shadow effect or medium brown colored eyeshadow for the eyes look more beautiful with the natural look

Step 6
Apply a darker shade of color and create a line at the top and bottom eyelids . This line is useful to sharpen your eye shape

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Step 7
Now apply white eyeliner on the bottom eyelid to give the impression you seem lidded eyes and open .

Step 8
Part enough eyelashes can you clamp the eyelash curler to give the impression of tapering

Step 9
Last but not least , despite hiding behind sunglasses , keep the mascara on your lashes to give the impression of eyelashes thick and tapering .

Women Who Wore Glasses
Women Who Wore Glasses

Well , easy right Moms ? Now you can look pretty behind the lens glasses . Make-up is very flexible for a variety of both casual and formal events . If suddenly there is an invitation to a party or formal event , simply add eyeshadow or eyeliner application , then you are ready to go .

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