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4 Makeup Tips for Women Who Wear Glasses Need To Pay Attention

4 Makeup Tips for Women Who Wear Glasses Need To Pay Attention

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Make Up Tips for Women Who Wore Glasses
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Glasses are not an obstacle for you to apply make-up or eyeshadow as you want. You can really look stunning and play eyeshadow behind glasses frames. Makeup for women with glasses requires some consideration to ensure your eyes stand out and your features are enhanced while complementing your eyewear. Here are some general tips and a step-by-step tutorial for a simple makeup look:

Tips for Makeup with Glasses

Glasses can sometimes overshadow your eyes, so make them the focal point of your makeup.

Focus on the Eyes

  • Fill in your eyebrows using a brow pencil or powder to define their shape.
  • Apply an eyeshadow primer to ensure your eye makeup stays in place throughout the day.
  • Choose neutral eyeshadow shades. Apply a light shade on the lids, a slightly darker shade in the crease, and a highlight shade under the brow bone.
  • Apply eyeliner according to your preference of lifestyle. A thin line can define the eyes without being too overpowering. Winged liner is optional.
  • Curl your lashes and apply mascara to open up your eyes. Don’t forget your lower lashes for a balanced look.

Pay Attention to Makeup

Glasses can sometimes emphasize dark circles. Use a concealer to brighten the under-eye area and cover any blemishes. Apply foundation and concealer as needed. Set with translucent powder to prevent shine. Apply a natural-looking blush to add a healthy skin and flush to your cheeks.

Consider Bold Lips

A bold lip color can add balance to your overall look, especially if your frames are bold. Choose a lip color that complements your overall look. A bold lip can add a pop of color.

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Glasses Areas

If your frames have taken off any foundation or concealer, touch up those areas. Adjust your glasses slightly lower on your nose to avoid makeup transferring onto the lenses.


Well, easy right? Now you can look pretty behind the lens glasses. You can set your makeup with a setting spray to ensure longevity. Keep your glasses clean to avoid makeup smudges on the lenses.

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