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Is There A Best Time To Buy An Engagement Ring?

Is There A Best Time To Buy An Engagement Ring?

Is There A Best Time To Buy An Engagement Ring?
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When a man proposes to a woman, it is certainly a milestone in his life, and hopefully, the one and only time he asks his partner to consider spending the rest of her life in his company. For many men, the prospect of acquiring a diamond engagement ring from a jewellers like Jacobs The Jeweller is a daunting one, for many reasons, and the question of timing often crops up. The question most often asked is, ‘Is there a best time to buy a diamond engagement ring?’

Below are a few pointers on that very subject.

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  • Jeweller Discounts – Almost all jewellers will offer discounts, yet during busy festivals, the discounts are usually slightly lower than at other times of the year. Try checking as many shops as you can. With some patience, you are more likely to find a great deal on the perfect ring and one at a price range you prefer.
  • Custom Jewellers – Many Australian men, for example, prefer to source a diamond wholesale Melbourne experts are offering and acquire the stones, then have the ring custom made by a specialist jeweller. You can do the same. Instead of settling for a retail jeweller that offers existing rings, why not have the ring custom made by a specialist jeweller? If you were thinking that this is way outside your price range, you’ll be happy to learn that you can have the ring made and actually save money when compared to purchasing an existing ring. It is a common misconception that custom jewellery is more expensive than something sitting on the jewellery store shelf, so prior to doing anything, crunch the numbers if you acquired the stones separately and had the ring designed by a custom jeweller.
  • Avoid Valentine’s Day – This is not the ideal time to buy a diamond engagement ring, as this is without doubt the busiest time of the year regarding engagement and wedding rings and prices would reflect this. That doesn’t mean you can’t pop the question on this annual lovers’ festival, just make sure that you acquire the ring in early January, when you are likely to get a better discount, as Christmas and New Year have just finished.   
  • Summer Proposals – If you are planning to pop the question sometime between November and February, acquiring the ring early offers you the best chance of landing a bargain, and with online jewellers, it is really easy to compare prices. Start looking a few months before the planned date and resist the temptation to rush into the purchase.
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One thing you do want to avoid is having to buy the ring at very short notice, as this puts extra pressure on you, so plan well in advance and remember to explore all the options before making a decision, particularly having the ring made by a custom jeweller. Your partner would be very happy knowing that the ring is truly a one-off and there isn’t another identical ring anywhere.

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