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The Complete Guide To Buying Wholesale Product Online At KameyMall

The Complete Guide To Buying Wholesale Product Online At KameyMall

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Kameymall is pleased to announce the launch of its online store, featuring wholesale and retail products as one e-commerce platform. Chenjia Trading Co., Ltd. has created this platform directly from all Chinese products connecting consumers with a large-scale international online shopping website for buyers all over the world.

Introduction: Why You Should Shop At Kameymall?

As they have 20 years of experience in wholesale and retail covering the needs of customers almost all over the world and they have their own factory that produces high-quality clothing, shoes, wigs, outdoor sports gear, and many other products and accessories. With so many amazing products and so many bestsellers, it can be hard to find something worth buying when admiring their high-quality products. Not everyone can make a quick trip to China to buy their favorite product directly, luckily, many Chinese products can be purchased directly from this marketplace.

What is the Best Product to Buy from them?

You can find the best clothing and apparel, beauty accessories, jewelry and watches, lamps, consumer electronics, computer networks, mobile communications, home and appliances, car and motorcycle accessories, sports gears, and outdoor products, you can purchase these high-quality products with affordable prices from this marketplace. Check below to see how to successfully place an order for their products to help you make the right choice of products that suit your needs.

Here are some best-selling products that can be purchased from the marketplace:

Clothing apparel

They have some of the most stylish and high-quality selections of fashion pieces on the planet. There are a bunch of clothing pieces that allow you to shop for the most fashionable clothes without leaving the house.

The Complete Guide To Buying Wholesale Product Online At KameyMall
Outerwear Coats Female Long Casual Light ultra thin Warm Down puffer jacket | Buy here

Beauty & accessories

Also, they offer a ton of beauty products and accessories that you are looking for, if you dream of having the perfect hair wig just buy it from here. We need to check and shop it now, it’s better to shop for all your beauty needs before the holidays and new year, right?

The Complete Guide To Buying Wholesale Product Online At KameyMall
Ombre Brown Body Wave Lace Front Wigs | Buy here

Outdoor activity accessories

Apart from clothing and beauty, this marketplace also offers outdoor products that are suitable for your needs. For example; If you need something to complete the fun bonding activity with your family and friends, then you’ll need the zorb ball to make this activity even more fun. Because they provide the best materials that are safe, more durable, wear-resistant and also 1-year warranty.

The Complete Guide To Buying Wholesale Product Online At KameyMall
Zorb Ball Hamster Balls For People Top Quality 1.5m Bubble Soccer Kameymall | Buy Here

There are many collections and variants and you can choose according to your needs, here are playing instructions that you may need to know;

  • Make sure there are no sharp objects on the surface when playing games.
  • Don’t bring anything sharp
  • Be sure to check the bubble ball is in good condition, also check the belt and handle.
  • Please keep the mark on the bubble ball in the right direction
  • Wear a belt, please hold the handle properly
  • Children must play accompanied by adults.
  • Please use Tear-Aid type B to repair the bubbles.

Sports Equipments 

If you may also need one of their best-selling collection of sports products; This air track mat designed specially to ensure high quality, relaxation and safe exercise. These mats are extremely durable and suitable for children and adults.

The Complete Guide To Buying Wholesale Product Online At KameyMall
Air Tumble Track Gray Surface Red Side Gymnastic Equipment For Home Use | Buy here

To help you use these air track products, follow these safety instructions;

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  • Look for flat and no sharp objects on the surface.
  • Remove the bag from the air passage and unfold the mattress. Then place the pump and connect it to one of the valves.
  • Start the pump and wait for the air passages to expand sufficiently hard to the required pressure.
  • Please note that you can lower the pressure by pressing the valve.

Shoes collection

The collection of the best shoes from this marketplace is a quite wide range. They offer high quality and stylish shoes that are suitable for various ages from children, men and women. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your loved one or family member, their collections might be one of you’re looking for.

The Complete Guide To Buying Wholesale Product Online At KameyMall
Women Camouflage Breathable Shoes Army Green Trainers Shoes 2021 Hot Sale | Buy Here

How to purchase and claim the coupon?

As they always have tons of promotions and offers, also new users can get coupons right away on the homepage. Here are some steps to purchase your favorite items from this store;

  1. New user, click join and proceed to register and login
  2. Select the item you need and click Buy now
  3. Fill in your address in the shipping information and shipping address
  4. Choose a payment method
  5. Enter the coupon you have claimed from the homepage
  6. Click Pay Order
  7. Enter the order information to pay, and you’re done! Sit tight and wait for your order to be delivered to your doorstep!
The Complete Guide To Buying Wholesale Product Online At KameyMall
visit KameyMall

Well, Kameymall is a quite fun shopping marketplace, right? Sometimes buying products as a foreigner can be difficult if they have a lot of products that will leave us confused. But here, we have no confusion, their platform is much clearer and user-friendly. Also their customer service is happy willing to help you to find the right one.

Visit now and start placing your order, also if you need any assistance, feel free to contact their customer service for assistance.

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