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A Guide For Fall Jewelry: The Best Stacking Rings Trend for the Season

A Guide For Fall Jewelry: The Best Stacking Rings Trend for the Season

A Guide For Fall Jewelry: The Best Stacking Rings Trend for the Season
A Guide For Fall Jewelry: The Best Stacking Rings Trend for the Season

This fall trending jewelry of 2023 tend to draw inspiration from the style, minimalism, and elegant associated with the season. Also vintage-inspired, including pieces from the ’70s and ’80s, is making a comeback. Think about disco-era hoops, chokers, and staking statement rings.

Fall is a great time to experiment with jewelry that adds warmth, depth, and character to your look. It’s all about showcasing your personal style and telling your own story through your jewelry. Stacking rings, also known as stackable rings, are a popular jewelry trend where you wear multiple rings on the same finger or across different fingers to create a layered and stylish look. 

While stacking rings can be creative and fun, be mindful not to overcrowd your fingers. Depending on the size of your fingers, stacking three to five rings is often a good guideline to maintain comfort and elegance.

Here are some tips for creating a beautiful stacking ring combination:

Choose a Main Ring

Start by selecting one ring as the main ring. This could be a statement ring with a larger gemstone, unique design, or personalized element. It will serve as the centerpiece of your stack.

Skin Match

Experiment with rings of different widths, textures, and styles. Combining thin bands with wider ones, smooth surfaces with textured ones, and various metals (gold, silver, rose gold) can create an interesting contrast with your skin tone.

Choose Simple Ones

Decide whether you want a unified look with rings of the same metal or a more eclectic look by choosing the simple rings. Both approaches can be stunning; it just depends on your personal style.

Consider Gemstone

If you’re including gemstone rings, think about the color palette. You can choose gemstones that complement each other or go for a mix of colors for a vibrant and eclectic appearance.


Aim for balance in your stack. Distribute the rings evenly across your finger or fingers to create a harmonious and visually pleasing arrangement.

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Stack on Multiple Fingers

Don’t limit yourself to one finger. Stacking rings on multiple fingers can add depth and complexity to your look.

Mix with Plain Bands

Incorporate plain bands into your stack to create contrast and emphasize the other rings. These can act as “spacer” rings to separate more intricate designs.

Consider the Occasion

Think about where you plan to wear your stack. You might want a more casual and relaxed stack for everyday wear and a more elaborate one for special occasions.

Try Combinations

Don’t be afraid to change up your ring stack. Experiment with different combinations to suit your mood, outfit, or the occasion.

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