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5 Most Viral Bag Brands On 2024 That Cool-Girl Approved

5 Most Viral Bag Brands On 2024 That Cool-Girl Approved

5 Most Viral Bag Brands On 2024 That Cool-Girl Approved

Alright, let’s talk bags! I mean, who doesn’t love a good bag, right? Especially when it’s the kind that’s been popping up all over our feeds and being rocked by the ultimate cool girls. Yep, i found the 5 Most Viral Bag Brands of 2024. Get ready to swoon, because these babies are about to steal your heart and upgrade your style game like never before.

1. Polene – The Cyme Textured in Camel

Feeling like a million bucks as brand from Paris, with the sun hitting your face and your Polene bag slung effortlessly over your shoulder. It’s the stuff of dreams, folks. Polene’s Cyme Textured in Camel has taken the world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. Chic, sophisticated, and oh-so-versatile, this bag is basically the definition of French-girl cool.

This bag brand hails from France and was founded by three siblings back in 2016. They’ve got different bag models like Cyme, Beri, Tonca, and Numero. Perfect for anyone looking for top-brand bags from Paris that won’t break the bank. Apart from Paris, you can also find their official stores in New York and Tokyo.

2. Gentle Woman – The Canvas Tote Bag and Micro Bag

The brand is from Thailand. The name says it all, doesn’t it? Their Canvas Tote Bag and Micro Bag combo is the epitome of laid-back elegance. Whether you’re running errands or hitting up brunch with your squad, these babies have got your back (quite literally). Spacious enough to hold all your essentials, yet compact enough to keep things streamlined, it’s a match made in bag heaven.

So, some of you might have thought that this brand is somehow connected to Gentle Monster, right? You know, because Gentle Woman got all hyped up after Gentle Monster. But guess what? There’s actually no connection between the two. Gentle Monster is from South Korea, while Gentle Woman is a clothing brand from Thailand. The most popular items are their bags, especially the Canvas Tote Bag and Micro Canvas Bag. People often go crazy for Gentle Woman bags whenever there’s a personal shopper trip to Bangkok.

3. Beyond The Vines – The Micro Dumpling Bag

Lately, Beyond The Vines has been getting a lot of buzz, all thanks to their Micro Dumpling Bag. One reason is because it’s small but fits a ton of stuff, which is great for folks who aren’t into lugging around big bags. Plus, they come in all sizes from XS to XL, so you can pick what suits your needs. And hey, they don’t just stop at the Micro Dumpling Bag – they’ve got other cool ones like The Carnival Bag, Colourblock Drawstring Toggle Tote, and Mega Crunch Carrier.

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Oh, and by the way, Beyond The Vines is a fashion brand from Singapore, but you can also find their stores in other countries like the Philippines and Japan.

4. MLB – The Big Classic Monogram

Hailing all the way from South Korea, MLB has been making waves in the fashion scene, with none other than AESPA as its brand ambassador. And let’s talk about their Big Classic Monogram bag for a second. It’s bold, it’s iconic, and it’s everything you need to elevate your street style game. Trust us, once you’ve got this baby slung over your shoulder, you’ll feel like a K-pop star strutting down the runway.

5. COS – The Oversized Quilted Crossbody Bag

Last but certainly not least, we have COS, the brand from Korea that’s been spotted on none other than Jennie Blackpink herself. I mean, if that’s not a stamp of approval, I don’t know what is. And their Oversized Quilted Crossbody Bag? It’s a game-changer, folks. Roomy enough to carry all your essentials (and then some), yet sleek enough to keep things polished, it’s the epitome of understated chic.

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