5 Gifts That Make You A Hero In Your Girlfriend’s Eyes

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5 Gifts That Make You A Hero In Your Girlfriend’s Eyes – Whether it’s for her birthday, your anniversary or for Christmas, choosing a gift for the woman in your life can seem like a daunting task, especially when she seems to have everything, and some more!

With the latest iPhone and all the gadgets that a career woman would own, this kind of narrows down your choices somewhat. Here are a few ideas for a gift she’ll never forget.

5 Gifts That Make You A Hero In Your Girlfriend’s Eyes

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Luxurious Spa Day

Splash out on the best spa and book her in for absolutely every treatment, or at least those that you think she’d appreciate. First, find a date when you know she is free (you can even reserve the day by telling her you will take her somewhere special), then search online for a premier spa resort within driving distance and make the booking. When the day comes, the look on her face when you drive into the spa will be one to remember.

 Say it with Flowers

5 Gifts That Make You A Hero In Your Girlfriend’s Eyes

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If she happens to be abroad, in Brazil for example, you can still surprise her with a bouquet if you search online for same day flower delivery Brazil florists are offering. Choose something you know she will love and tell her how much you miss her on the card. There isn’t a woman alive who would not love to receive a fresh bouquet of flowers delivered to her door, so you really can’t go wrong with flowers.


An Experience

Experience gifts are all the rage at the moment, and whether she would like to try her luck on the racetrack or tandem skydive out of a light aircraft at 12,000ft, it can all be arranged. Simply Google “experience gifts” and you will get a list of providers, with a very long list of experiences, and send her a bouquet of flowers on the morning of her day, which will blow her away.



You’re on a pretty safe bet with jewellery, plus you know her style and preferences and the online jeweller has a very extensive catalogue of items to suit every budget. If she hasn’t already got a charm bracelet, this is the ultimate gift and every year, you can buy her charms and that means you’ll never again have to go through the ordeal of choosing a suitable gift.

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Surprise Hamper Picnic

Providing the weather is good, why not order a pre-made hamper and take a couple of champagne glasses and your cooler for a memorable picnic somewhere romantic? You know her taste in food, and the online hamper supplier has something for everyone, just make sure you allow enough time for delivery.

Image Source : Unsplash

Image Source : Unsplash


All of the above would make any woman’s day, and as you know her better than anyone, you can surprise her with something she secretly desires. Spend some time thinking about her lifestyle and take note of her opinions, likes and dislikes, which will help you choose the right gift, and how you present that is entirely up to you.


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