3 Tips For Creating A Home You Love
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3 Tips For Creating A Home You Love

3 Tips For Creating A Home You Love

3 Tips For Creating A Home You Love
3 Tips For Creating A Home You Love
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Your home should be a sanctuary. It is somewhere to switch off and relax but also to truly enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life. It’s where you start each morning and end each night, so can set you up to be your happiest and most productive. Spending some time making it a unique and relaxing environment, whether that’s making some changes inside or getting something like one of the Hot Tubs Near Me for the garden to wile away the evenings in, will make each day all the more enjoyable and can be an investment in your own happiness. If you’re feeling that it is time for you to freshen up the style of your home, here are some simple ways that you can make it seem brand new whether you have a small or big budget.

Check out the tips below as to how to revamp your house into a home you love.


It’s often underestimated how different a space can feel with the correct lighting. The dream is to have rooms flooded with natural light, but the reality is usually that we have to improvise with artificial lights, which can make your home feel like a hospital waiting room. A very effective way to ensure you avoid this is to combine simple overhead spotlights to provide the brightness you need with warmer and softer wall lights that are more decorative and give the right vibe for the evenings. Finally, introduce a couple of standing lamps to the space to give an even cosier glow. Be sure to use “warm” bulbs – you can order what you need from electrical supply stores and change the whole vibe of your home with this simple trick.

Glass Bricks/Stained Glass

If you are lucky enough to have an area of your house that gets hit by natural light, use some glass bricks to create a beautiful and unique effect. They create stunning patterns of light within the room and will naturally add some colour and softness. Similarly, they can be a great option in bathrooms to obscure the vision through windows whilst still maintaining a gorgeous effect. Another option here would be to use simple stained glass panels to add some colour. These will be at their best in spring and summer, as they will flood your home with personality that will look different at every time of day.

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Soft Furnishings

It’s easy to focus on hard furniture as the fundamental essence of the room, shelves, chairs, tables, sofas, etc. However, it is the soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions that are going to truly make your home unique. Pick out colours from the walls and find textiles to accent and compliment what is already there. Add a pouffe to create different levels within seating areas and place a throw over the side of sofas and hard furniture to break up the material. Add a rug to the floor and frame it with a simple glass coffee table.

Whether it’s for spending time alone or to give you the confidence to host, create an environment you love and are proud of with these tips.

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