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Your Autumn and Spring Repertoire: Do You Know What Meshes Well With Your Coat?

Your Autumn and Spring Repertoire: Do You Know What Meshes Well With Your Coat?

Most women have at least a few spring and fall jackets in their closets, and with good reason. The right jacket will not just keep its wearer warm but also make her look more fashionable and tie outfits together.

Your Autumn and Spring Repertoire: Do You Know What Meshes Well With Your Coat?
Your Autumn and Spring Repertoire: Do You Know What Meshes Well With Your Coat?

Want to get started on spring shopping
but not sure what will look good with that favorite coat? Read on to find some
expert tips on how to find the right pairing for any type of jacket.


Leather jackets make great transition
pieces since they’re heavy enough to provide some extra warmth when
temperatures begin to drop or are just starting to rise for the season but
they’re not winter coats. These iconic fashion pieces will never go out of

A high-quality leather jacket is more versatile than many women might assume. It will look great with everything from spring dresses to fall slacks. Ethical shoppers should have no problem finding pleather or vegan leather jacket that will look just as stunning without the use of animal products.

  • Already have a favored leather jacket? Buy some clothes for the upcoming season that will make that jacket look spectacular at Filly Flair. Just make sure to stick to only one leather piece at a time, as too much leather can be overwhelming in any context but riding a motorcycle.


Denim jackets look great with almost any
outfit. Jean jackets perfectly offset black and white skirts, pants, and tops
and can be worn with just about any style of clothing. Avoid pairing blue denim
with formal wear, of course, but otherwise, it should perfectly pair with
almost any style.

Don’t love the working-class connotations
of blue denim? Try buying a white denim jacket. It will look a little less
casual and open up lots of possibilities when it comes to color blocking and
other popular styling techniques.

Denim jackets can also be layered with
sweaters to extend their seasons. They even look great paired with trench coats
or leather jackets.


Most people think of rain jackets
exclusively in practical terms, but the right rain jacket can be quite
fashionable and even add a touch of elegance to an otherwise mundane outfit.
Look for mac-style rain jackets for a chic look that will look good on just
about any body type and try pairing it with straight pants and patterned tops.
It’s usually best to go for solid-colored rain jackets, as they will be more
versatile in terms of matching patterned clothes.

Rain jackets can make quite the
statement, but leave them at home on bright, sunny days. Some women also
purchase full-length, heavier raincoats for the fall season when temperatures
tend to be a bit cooler during rainstorms. Both these options pair fashion with
function for maximum appeal.


This timeless style looks amazing with an
impressively diverse array of clothing styles. Pair a trench coat with jeans or
a dress, a long cardigan, or a tunic. No matter what, a trench coat should form
the perfect addition to any woman’s spring and fall wardrobes.

Right now, tan trench coats are in, but
fashionistas can always get away with wearing black. That’s just as true of
trench coats as it is any other type of clothing. Just make sure to wear
leggings with short skirts beneath trench coats, as bare legs will not just get
cold when night rolls around but may also call up subconscious memories of
flashers in movies.

Fur Jackets

Faux Fur Jackets
Faux Fur Jackets

Cropped fur jackets look great with
formal and semi-formal outfits and with today’s fashion technologies, there’s
no need to buy real fur. Faux fur looks just as eye-catching and feels
almost like the real thing but it’s far less likely to elicit anger from
ecologically-minded friends.

One of the best things about fur and faux
fur jackets is that they never go out of style. They’re also available in tons
of different lengths, colors, and styles, so it’s easy to find one that will be
a perfect complement to any outfit.

Fur and faux fur are warmer than most of
the materials on this list, too, which means there’s no need to layer up
underneath them. Wear that stunning, semi-formal gown to dinner or a night out
on the town without fear of how it will look with an overlayer. A fur coat will
offer plenty of warmth and look great with just about any outfit today’s
fashionistas might want to rock on their big nights out.


Looking for a more casual jacket for
later in the spring or earlier in the fall? Bomber jackets, also known as flight
, are a good go-to for those with a cool, edgy vibe. Bomber
jackets pair surprisingly well with dresses and skirt combos to create a sleek,
sophisticated look, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Bomber jackets can also be worn with
pants on casual occasions. Go for straight-cut black pants or blue jeans for a
comfortable, casual look that will still turn heads.

Since they’re not very warm, bomber
jackets need to be paired with cardigans or sweaters if their wearers want to
extend the season for their favorite fall coats. That’s fine, though, since
they look great with almost any color.


Looking for something a little different?
Try a feminine take on a utility jacket. It will add a cute, tomboyish appeal
to just about any outfit and works great for transitioning between seasons.

As with bomber jackets, utility jackets
should be saved for casual occasions. Test the temperatures first, as well,
because utility jackets are not as warm as some of the options on this list.
Pair the jacket with a long-sleeved shirt and some boyfriend jeans for a boyish
appeal or buy a utility-inspired jacket with a more feminine cut for pairing
with skirts and casual dresses.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right jackets to wear with spring
and fall outfits can be tough. It requires balancing fashion with function to
make sure wearers keep warm without compromising their styles. Follow the tips
above for maximum effect.


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