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When To Throw Out Old Underwear and Get New Ones?

When To Throw Out Old Underwear and Get New Ones?

When To Throw Out Old Underwear and Get New Ones?
When To Throw Out Old Underwear and Get New Ones?
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When was the last time you bought new underwear? Maybe it’s time, you throw your underwear from your closet, don’t wait until it tear. Underwear that has been worn for a long time can degrade your quality and comfort. So when is the best time to change underwear? What are the signs that your underwear needs to be changed?

1. When the panties rubber are very stretchy

The first thing you can check if you want to change your underwear is to pay attention to the elasticity of the rubber. If it feels uncomfortable, loose, or sag when used, it’s a good idea to throw it away and buy a new one.

2. When the material smells bad

It’s a good idea to change your underwear when you smell an unpleasant odor on the underwear fabric, even though it’s been washed. The reason is, some underwear materials such as polyester material if mixed with sweat will bring up bacteria that trigger odors. In addition, if not replaced immediately, bacteria can infect the vagina or penis and cause disease. So, as much as possible choose underwear from cotton, if possible 100 percent cotton. This material is easier to absorb moisture and can provide better air circulation than polyester.

3. When the underwear has dark spots

Underwear that has been used for too long sometimes causes dark, white, yellowish, or brown spots. This can be used as a sign that you should have to changed your underwear. Spots on the underwear fabric can be caused by mildew, rust, or other chemicals. These things can harm your genital area if they are still used and not thrown away soon.

4. It’s been more than 5 years

Panties that have been used for years are no longer good to wear. In addition to the shape and color that is not pleasing to the eye, the bacteria and the fabric used are also not as good as the first time they bought it. It’s a good idea to change your underwear every six months to once a year. Besides the shape and function are still comfortable, your underwear is also still good to wear.

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How to choose the right underwear for women?

Choose the material made of cotton

Cotton is quite good air circulation in the genital area. If you want to use it everyday, try to use cotton so that your skin can breathe freely. The use of cotton underwear can also prevent you from risks such as prickly heat, skin rashes, dampness, unpleasant odors, and vaginal discharge.

Choose what is comfortable to wear

Underwear that is too tight or too tight can cause irritation. To get the right underwear size, try to stand straight and measure the waist area that is most comfortable when wearing underwear, which is usually about two centimeters below the navel.

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