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Gold Jewelry For Men: What To Buy?

Gold Jewelry For Men: What To Buy?

Gold Jewelry For Men: What To Buy?
Gold Jewelry For Men: What To Buy?

For ages, gold jewelry on men was considered taboo. Gold has always come across as a metal with a feminine touch. Thank God to all the fashion gurus out there who proved otherwise! Now gold jewelry pieces for men are more popular than for women. Not to forget that anything in gold serves as a statement piece and adds the perfect classic touch!

If it is your first time buying gold jewelry, then we have got you covered. Here is your ultimate guide on which gold jewelry to for yourself get as a man!

Why Choose Gold?

When it comes to jewelry, most men prefer to get silver ones. Even though gold is steeper in price as compared to other metals, the bling that gold jewelry gives you is unmatched. These pieces are durable and are most certainly eye-catching in every style. Hence, a gold jewelry is a must have in every person’s wardrobe.

Which Gold Jewelry Pieces to Buy?

Treat yourself to any of the below mentioned jewelry pieces and get ready to sweep everyone off their feet.

1. Signet Rings:

Signet rings have great historical and sentimental values. Originally these rings had logos engraved on them and were used by emperors to seal their messages. Later, these started becoming a family heirloom, and now they are used for fashion or sentimental reasons. Since you are buying gold jewelry for yourself for the first time, getting a signet ring will be a perfect choice. Apart from posing sentimental value, these rings appear large and thick and are the best sophisticated piece of jewelry you can ever find. This trait makes them suit every hand. Here is what you must look into when buying a gold signet ring.

First and foremost, you must decide on a design for your signet ring. Most people get something engraved on their rings, for example, their initials, a symbol, or anything that holds value. However, this step is not necessary at all, and you can also opt for a plain signet ring! Other than this, choose the right shape for your ring too. It can be round, square, or oval.

2. Gold Chains:

Nothing better than buying a classic, gold chains have never gone out of style. If there is a piece of jewelry that can suit people of all ages, then it has got to be a gold chain. However, most men get a gold chain but have no idea how to style them properly. The most in demand styles of gold chains are:

  • Slim gold chains:

For beginners, slimmer and dainty pieces of jewelry should be a priority. In terms of gold, slim gold chains give a subtle, stylish look. They sit nicely on your necks, and the best part? They look good on any outfit! They are also the perfect piece of jewelry for everyday wear.

  • Gold pendants:

When in doubt, get a pendant. If you are someone who is looking for a huge statement gold necklace that also looks delicate enough. Then choosing gold pendants would be the way to get the best of both worlds. A great feature of pendants is that they look good in a variety of chain lengths.

  • Layered chains:

This style of gold chain is the most popular of them all. Whether a man or a woman, layered chains amp up any outfit by a huge margin. Wear it with your casual attire or for a date night, layered gold chains have become popular for a reason!

  • Cuban link chains:

You may have seen a celebrity or two donning these Cuban link chains. These chains are made up of small oval shaped links that are interlinked with each other into a rope pattern. A Cuban link chain is enough to set you apart from a crowd. This one single piece of jewelry can amp up any of your plain and boring outfits. When buying this chain, make sure to pay extra attention to its length, width, and weight. Cuban link chains are known for giving an effortlessly chic look while also proving to be durable in the long run.

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3. Gold Bracelets:

When buying gold jewelry pieces, you must be vigilant at all times. However, in the case of men, you must also make sure not to overdo anything. As a man, when shopping for gold jewelry, you must pick something that is light and elegant. For that, you can never go wrong with gold bracelets. This piece of jewelry is perfect if you are looking for something to wear on your wrists but don’t prefer watches.

Bracelets are also one of the simplest accessories to wear, and they sit quite comfortably on your wrists. To get the best gold bracelet, look for something that offers the simplest look.

Get Your Jewelry Customized:

If you choose any of the above jewelry pieces, then you are set for life. Each one of these holds great value. However, if by any chance you don’t get the jewelry item of your liking. Then you can always get it customized! The majority of jewelry sellers offer their customers a chance to customize their own jewelry. This is a great option that you can follow as it will allow you to get a piece that is according to your preference and style.

Usually, the cost of custom jewelry isn’t much. However, since you are getting jewelry customized in gold then of course it can be a little heavy on your pocket.


Even though gold jewelry has become popular for men, it is still regarded for women only. Slowly but surely, gold is making its way to become unisex. Getting any of the above gold jewelry pieces will be an excellent investment of your time and money. So don’t waste your time waiting for a special occasion to buy yourself gold jewelry. Treat yourself with one as soon as possible. Remember that you will look beautiful regardless of which piece of jewelry you end up buying!

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