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What is Coolsculpting Treatment

What is Coolsculpting Treatment

coolsculpting in toronto
coolsculpting in toronto

Coolsculpting or cold sculpting is a cosmetic procedure that helps you get rid of body fat. It is particularly effective for removing the stubborn fat, which won’t go away despite all efforts. This is a completely safe fat removal technique. It has been approved by the FDA in 2010. Cool body sculpting has become very popular in recent times.

Here, a plastic surgeon will use some devices to freeze the fat just below your skin, which is why the process is also known as freeze sculpting. Your body will then break down the fat cells and they will be removed naturally through your lymphatic glands. Coolsculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and painless process without any side effects. No anesthesia, needles, or incisions are required.

There is very little downtime. You can return to work or go home immediately once the coolsculpting process is over. Very little post-treatment care is also required. The result is permanent. But you may need several sessions. It may take up to a month before you see the results.

You will be able to get rid of the stubborn fat from several parts of your body like your thighs, belly region, your sides and back, below your butt, the bra line, upper arm, jawline, and from below your chin.

The Discovery of Coolsculpting

There is an interesting story behind freeze sculpting. Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson, two researchers working at Harvard University, found that children who ate a lot of popsicles suffered from an inflammation – the Popsicle Panniculitis. Many of them had post-treatment dimples.

The researchers believed exposure to cold temperatures was somehow affecting their fat cells. They found that their fat cells were more affected by the cold than their surrounding tissues. This observation eventually lead to the development of the coolsculpting methodology.

It is now a leading treatment plan for removing stubborn fat. Many trials have proved that coolsculpting can effectively remove 20% to 25% of body fat. The FDA has also marked this process as safe and effective.

How Does Coolsculpting Work

The process is called cryolipolysis. Here, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon will use a device with two paddles to hold the targeted body part. The paddles will stay on your body for 30 to 60 minutes. They work like a suction cup and freezes the fatty cells below your skin.

The cells will die gradually as they freeze. This is called apoptosis. Eventually, the dead cells will all be removed from your body, just like the dead skin cells are all removed naturally all the time. Fresh, new cells will replace the dead ones that are removed. There is really nothing to worry about as the human body sheds dead cells all the time. It’s a natural and continuous process.


But make sure that you get your coolsculpting done only by a qualified and experienced professional. Remember, this is a new fat removal technique, so you will find very few people who can do this safely and effectively. You can approach this certified coolsculpting clinic at Toronto in Canada. The therapists working here use only controlled cooling methods to remove the fat safely and effectively. Call 647-696-5533 to know more and set up your appointment.

How Many Coolsculpting Treatments Are Needed

Each patient is different, so the results will also vary. How many sessions you will need also depends on the part of the body that is being treated. For example, you may see a difference after just a single session for chin therapy. But for the stomach or belly area, you may have to get two coolsculpting sessions. Most patients see a difference after a couple of sessions of this treatment. Some may require even three sessions.

Most clinics will recommend that you get the second treatment two months after your first session. Each treatment will take between half an hour to an hour. Some therapists work with their patients to develop a customized plan that helps them achieve particular weight loss goals.

Can you lose inches with this fat removal technique? You can lose half an inch from the belly but for the chest, you may end up losing up to three inches of excess fat.

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How Long Does Coolsculpting Take to See Results

This will also depend on the number of sessions you need and also on the body parts where you need treatment. Usually, however, it may take anything between three to four months for you to see the full result of this process. In some instances, it may take even up to 6 months. But you may start seeing some results in about a month.

In the meantime, exercise regularly because this will further help in your weight loss effort. This will especially help you avoid the sagging appearance, which comes from sudden weight loss.

It is not recommended that you try to speed up the process. Take your second session at the recommended date. Give your body enough time to adjust itself to the change. Allow your body to naturally remove the fat cells through your lymphatic system.

How Safe Is Coolsculpting

It is completely safe. It is safer than liposuction and other traditional fat surgery methods. Most patients won’t even feel anything, no pain, no discomfort. At the most, you will only have a little tugging feeling when the cooling panels are working on your skin.

It is quick. You will need about an hour maximum. There is no anesthesia, surgery, or manipulation of your tissues. Some people, however, report a slight numbness at the spot of the treatment, which goes away in a few days. In extremely rare cases, the numbness can last for a month.

There are only minor side effects of coolsculpting like a minor swelling at the place of the treatment, a pinching sensation, redness, tingling or stinging. Muscle cramping is quite rare. Most side effects of this treatment plan go away in a few days.

Cool body sculpting is presently one of the most effective ways to get rid of stubborn body fat. It is safe and has been recommended by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and also the FDA. Get in touch with an expert therapist to find out whether you are a good candidate for this awesome fat reduction procedure.

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