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Want To Know What Kind Of Divergent Faction You Are? Check Here

Want To Know What Kind Of Divergent Faction You Are? Check Here

Want To Know What Kind Of Divergent Faction You Are? Check Here
Want To Know What Kind Of Divergent Faction You Are? Check Here

A divergent quiz is an aptitude test available for a dystopian society. It tells the difference between our ethical and moral values. If you want to know what level of morality you belong to. Then you can take this quiz online.

 Moreover, it also has five different types of factions. If you are willing to know which divergent faction am i in, then you can play the test. However, every person has its positive and negative sides. You take this quiz just to find out not to judge yourself. Therefore, if you are willing to know about your divergent faction, learn the difference between them and find which one you are.


It is a faction that always values other’s needs more than him. The motive they run on is ‘Them before I’.That means they love to help others and fulfill their needs no matter the situation. It is faction three piers raised. Although this faction can be selfless, its flaws make them stiff. It is the reason they also have a nickname, stiffs.

The dystrophic society is ruled by around fifty members, out of whom all the representatives are from Abnegation. This faction group is highly reputable because of its commitment and selflessness. The color which represents them is grey. If you are from that group, your answer to the question of which divergent faction am i in is cleared.


An erudite is a divergent faction that has to wear at least one piece of blue clothing. This color releases a chemical that makes their mind calm and relaxing. It always follows one rule ‘a calm mind is equal to a clear mind’. These factions also care a lot about eloquent speeches. These faction characters are quite intelligent and curious.


These factions are considered soldiers. They are strong, brave, and fearless. They live to become durable, reliable, and courageous. This faction loves to guard people and protect them from anything wrong. The color that represents them is black. They usually prefer to wear dark or black clothes as it replicates their personality, lifestyle of battling, and training. These factions also love dark make-up, piercing, and tattoos.


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Members of amity love to create a peaceful and harmonious environment. Therefore, they love to dress up in red and yellow colors. These colors often define the personality as they almost pick them in every outfit.

Along with that, they are more comfortable with loose styles. Children of this group love to play songs and games. People of this group love to spread happiness all around. If you have a character like this, you are an amity faction.


This faction always values honesty. You can figure out by their dress if you want to find a candor member. Clothes in black and white colors are their priority. They see truth and trust in these colors. These people are trustworthy and truthful and sound like a leader.

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