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Vacations Are Coming: Places To Visit That Must Be On Your Bucket List

Vacations Are Coming: Places To Visit That Must Be On Your Bucket List

Vacations Are Coming: Places To Visit That Must Be On Your Bucket List

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”

– Earl Wilson
Vacations Are Coming: Places To Visit That Must Be On Your Bucket List
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The festive spirit is in! And that calls for a vacation to celebrate with full zeal and enthusiasm.

So, what’s on your bucket list? With so many places to visit, narrowing down your top destinations can be difficult. Why wait to fulfill your bucket list, today is the day. Book a group charters last minute flights, and take that fresh air away from work you always needed. 

Sometimes the popular attractions, fantastic food, and breathtaking hotels entice everyone to visit a particular location, and other times the bragging rights come with visiting every continent, country, or state. Wondering where you can actually travel?

We’ve compiled a list of unique places with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and iconic sights found nowhere else in the world.

Solvang, California

Not enough time to wander the fascinating streets of Munich this year? Let the United States give you the same European feel!

In the early ’90s, Solvang was established by Danes. It is a small city in the heart of California’s Santa Ynez. This captivated Danish Community is known for European architecture and Danish businesses. When it comes to the holiday season, Solvang hosts Julefest.

Julifest has several activities packed throughout the festive season for kids and adults. Other than that, there are Solvang Faeriefest, The Mac and Cheese Festival, and Buellton Wine and Chilli Festival in Solvang for a beautiful time with your companions for a perfect vacation.

Los Angeles, California

With unlimited entertainment options and lovely weather, many holiday events are celebrated in Los Angeles yearly. From dazzling light displays to classic Christmas music concerts, there is so much that can keep you joyfully warm throughout the season.

Los Angeles has top destinations for whale watching long beach experiences bringing stunning sea life up close and personal to spectators on the fleet of comfortable and safe boats. Have a fun-filled journey with majestic views of the largest mammals on the planet. Also, gain more experience by wandering the city and relishing the local food, art, culture, music, etc.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Choose Beaver Creek and go skiing to have a world-class experience in Colorado. Before making up your mind, checking their calendar is advisable to enjoy the festive activities.

Also, stay 26 feet away from the closet chairlift from a rock resort, The Osprey at Beaver Creek- it has an outdoor heated pool and luxurious accommodations. However, choose The Pines Lodge to boast the stunning views or have ski-in-out access.

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe in the East Coaster is a renowned ski destination at the foot of Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak. Known as the “Ski Capital of the East,” it is an ideal place for many outdoor activities and a white Christmas.

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For northeastern cities, Stowe bestows you the stunning mountain, ski-in, and ski-out access. So, if you are a skiing and snowboarding lover, Stowe is worth a visit.

Saint Lucia

For enjoying white Christmas to the best, Saint Lucia is the name. It is a go-to place for American tourists to lounge on the warm white sand beach.

For holiday activities and a luxurious experience, Sugar beach is a breathtaking spot. Majorly the activities included here are making a gingerbread house, a traditional family Christmas dinner, visits from Santa, etc.

In a nutshell…

The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and all the memories we’ve made along the way.

So, why not unwind and take a break from the normal days of this vacation? We can also add Asia country wishlists, for example if we want to visit Turkey, you can book your private Turkey tour now. Consider any of the above destinations to enjoy and experience something new.

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