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Unravelling the Anatomy of an Evening Dress: What Makes It Special?

Unravelling the Anatomy of an Evening Dress: What Makes It Special?

Unravelling the Anatomy of an Evening Dress: What Makes It Special?
Unravelling the Anatomy of an Evening Dress: What Makes It Special?

An evening dress is one of those innately special pieces that you know you can depend on to make your feel your most fabulous no matter what type of event you are curating your look for. While there are countless options out there when it comes to searching for the perfect evening dress, there are undoubtedly a few defining features that can take a dress and turn it into an extra special piece that does nothing less than stop the scene. If you are dreaming of that striking piece for truly making the moment your own, take a look at the qualities that make an evening dress something that is unforgettable.

Defining Details

While a statement silhouette does a lot of work when it comes to creating a striking piece of clothing, sometimes, it’s the added details and design features that really make the difference. Hunt for intricate and delicate additions such as bodice cut outs with contrast feature buttons, high leg splits, floral motifs, tie-up accents or sheer panels for those special touches that take something simple and turn it into a statement!

Creative Silhouettes

This time, silhouettes. A creative silhouette puts the work into your look, so you can let the piece shine all on its own. Look for striking accents such as a plunging neckline, emphasised, voluminous skirt or an asymmetrical neckline for an evening dress that will work to carve out your figure and create a lasting impression no matter where you go.

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Stunning Materials

Materials make all the difference when it comes to any type of clothing, but this rings particularly true when you are looking for any factors that can elevate the traditional evening dress and turn it into something truly breathtaking. From floaty tulle to intricate lace, smooth satin, shining sequins and crisp crepe, the materials can take even the simplest of silhouettes and turn it into something show stopping. For a true statement, choose a sheer base decorated with reflective sequins and diamantes in a geometric pattern. Alternately, opt for a floaty, full tulle skirt with a contrast fitted bodice for a dreamy impact that is perfect for your black-tie affairs. A straight cut column dress will immediately become a striking piece when it is designed from supple satin that subtly catches the light and moves with you across the dancefloor. As you can see, it is all in the materials – so pay attention to them when you are shopping!

Statement Hues

In the same vain as materials, silhouettes and details, the colour you choose can take a dress from great to look-twice-and-never forget territory. The colour of your evening wear is your chance to really let your personality shine. If you love all things bright, choose bold pop tones like hot pink, tropical orange or mint green. For those who love colour but are looking for something a little softer, opt for pastel lilacs, buttercup yellows and fresh blues. For a dramatic look, opt for jewel tones or passionate red. And, of course, you can always depend on the ethereal impact of your favourite neutral tones.  

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