Trend Metallic Shoes Hit The Elegancy!

Trend Metallic Shoes Hit The Elegancy!

Fashion items metallic shoes appearance truly make us stand out. Attracted the attention of this luster can we adapt in our everyday appearance, especially for you who like to experiment the same fashion. We can also use these metallic elements in our shoes.

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  • Motif

Looks like a little crowded? Take your dress flowers and the same mix of metallic shoes, either silver or gold. The effects of this blend will both show the impression of a sweet and bold. Wear the same color matching bag our clothes motives. We also need to add a lot of accessories baseball again.


  • ¬†Choose a color

Because the magic of this metallic shoes, the colors combine together outfit can be an option that‘s brilliant. Rihanna did this by selecting the all-white outfit and the same integrated metallic shoes. We can also choose other colors to follow with combined together create this metallic shoes.


  • Socks

The addition of socks would be an interesting choice. No need to wear flashy colors, simply select socks with neutral colors. For example, like black or white socks. If we want to choose socks with a pattern, be sure to follow the same outfit we wear.


  • Other metallic alloys

Without sounding too much, we can integrate the shoes is the same metallic metallic other fashion items. Necklace, bag or bracelet can be a safe option if you don’t want to seem overload-style.


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