Trend Alert : Beauty Of Indonesian Kebaya

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Trend Alert : Beauty Of Indonesian Kebaya – Kebaya is Indonesian traditional costume from ancient times to the present are made of thin and transparent. Kebaya is usually worn with a sarong, batik, songket and forth with colorful motifs.

But this time, the kebaya has some changes, ranging from kebaya, forms and motives.Even kebaya only be charged upon certain events, such as weddings, graduation day and cultural events.Along with the times, the kebaya has been much progress. So kebaya can be combined with various motifs and sequins that make kebaya become more beautiful and attractive. Kebaya is identical to the ancient style (old school) and clothes for the elderly. As a fashion typical of Indonesia, especially Java, kebaya should now be displayed in various activities, it can even become a trendsetter itself.

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Most people prepare to wear modern  Indonesia kebaya lace dress as graduation dress. Kebaya can be designed with the style and the desired model. Usually. Kebaya design but can be used as a graduation dress, can also be used for other formal event or semi-formal.  Terms kebaya fashion hangout certainly be seen from the material, shape, and detail more modest and comfortable to wear for long periods. Speaking about the latest model of kebaya, not only the conventional models are kept abreast of developments.


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