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Trench Coat Outfit Ideas That Will Elevate Your Best Autumn Looks

Trench Coat Outfit Ideas That Will Elevate Your Best Autumn Looks

Trench Coat Outfit Ideas That Will Elevate Your Best Autumn Looks

There’s one piece of wardrobe that we need to invest in but that’s definitely caught our eye this season, and that’s the oversized trench coat. This really has to be a classic that we won’t be bored with next winter, so we need to apply this trench coat to the previous trending style.

Elegant, timeless and versatile, trench coats are mostly considered one of the most easiest pieces of working in our wardrobe, so with that in mind, we’ve decided that 2022 is the year we take the plunge and invest in the style for the best fall. Famous for resisting the urge to keep up with whatever trends pass, the trench coat tends to stick to the same classic style it brings year after year the cold weather hero who would go with any outfit for any occasion.

Ready? Scroll down for Trench Coat Outfit Ideas That Will Elevate Your Best Autumn Looks!

1. Stay basic

We’ve said it before, an oversiezed trench coat is a great investment for basic fashionistas. The sleek design that’s become a habit for layering is combined with any basic outfit for the ultimate cold weather coat.

2. Parisian look

One of our favorite fall looks is one that centers around denim and parisian style. Comfortable yet stylish, they look great paired with a basic striped t-shirt and patterned scarf and a little polish adds to your favorite jewelry and chic handbags.

3. Pair with high knee boots

An oversized trench coat is a classic feature for fall and winter. Slightly oversized, but they allow for layering underneath and still look smart enough for the office or evening out in your favorite knee high boots.

4. Pair with Jeans

A cozy look but in true coat form, the minimalistic design adds an even higher feel to your high-waisted jeans.

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5. Striped for minimalism

If you are more minimalist in style, or just want to add a stripe to your outfit with this coat is the way to go.

6. Layer With Skirt or Dress

A coat that you can wear both day and night is a worthy investment in our eyes. This trendy, oversized style looks so sleek with an all-beige ensemble underneath: Pair a skirt with a floral blouse and leather flats.

7. Stay Casual

When you don’t know what to wear, you can’t go wrong with a casual look. This coat provides a more fitting look underneath, so layer it over a simple black roll-neck, trousers and sneakers.

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