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Travel Smart, Stay Clear: How to Avoid Breakouts While Traveling

Travel Smart, Stay Clear: How to Avoid Breakouts While Traveling

Travel Smart, Stay Clear: How to Avoid Breakouts While Traveling
Travel Smart, Stay Clear: How to Avoid Breakouts While Traveling

One of the main problems comes during or after traveling on long holidays is our face getting acne here and there. We don’t know for sure what is actually causing this, but after a long holiday our skin started to break out and looks unhealthy. In fact, before going on holiday, our skin is looking healthy and soon vacation-ready, not even a single step in your skincare routine is skipped during holidays.

If you think about the weather, air and water conditions in your travel location that are often the main reasons that are causing these breakouts. You’re not totally wrong, but is it true those weather factors are the cause of breakouts on vacation? In fact, the source of the problem could be our habits during the holidays that we don’t realize it’s actually not healthy for our skin.

And here are some habits that make our skin breakout while or after traveling!

Unhealthy Diet

During the holidays, we eat many meals in the places where we don’t pay attention to the calories and nutrients consumed. Apart from making you gain weight, an unhealthy diet during the vacation also has the potential to cause breakouts during or after the holidays. While eating these foods are not balanced by consuming fiber and water has the potential to cause breakouts. 

Lack of Sleep

Tiredness and lack of sleep have certainly become common habits during the holidays. In fact, lack of sleep can trigger breakouts, dark circles and baggy eyes which make your face look tired all the time during the holidays. At least, bring your favorite eye cream, concealer, spot treatment and acne patches so you can cover dark circles and pimples.

Unclean Hotel Towels

We’re not sure whether the towels from the hotel are really clean or not. Even though it has been washed properly, the hotel towel has still been used by many people. There could be bacteria still attached to the towel. So, it’s also a good idea to always be prepared to bring a small towel like Portable Travel Disposable Clean Towels that can be used specifically to dry your face. 

There are several important benefits that you should know when using these face towels from Ditoi, firstly, they are made from natural fibers which are definitely safe for cleaning your face especially for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Second, they definitely provide a soothing effect to our face when combined for daily skincare treatment when using cleanser or toner or makeup remover. And it’s also important things to carry when traveling with that practical packaging and all-in-one features with extra absorption, it’s perfect to clean face and clean the rest of the body effectively.

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Travel Smart, Stay Clear: How to Avoid Breakouts While Traveling

Using Sheet Mask On A Plane

Lately, we have seen this idea of using a sheet mask to provide hydration while on the plane. But it’s apparently not a good idea. Sheet masks which contain humectants function to bind water in the skin layers, but the low air pressure in the cabin. And air in the plane is recirculated air in the cabin, so the air is not sterile from bacteria.

Unclean Travel Kit

Many people don’t even realize that travel kit packaging must be washed until it is completely sterile before transferring skincare products into it. Unclean travel kits cause skincare products to be contaminated by dust and bacteria that definitely can cause breakouts.

Generally, food and hygiene problems are always the cause of breakouts during and after the holidays. If you’re going on traveling, it’s better to pay attention to the small habits and always keep your skincare travel kits in clean condition and better bring something more effective to clean your face with clean towels from Don’t let yourself bring breakout souvenirs when you come home from holiday. 

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