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Top Weekend Spa Breaks In England

Top Weekend Spa Breaks In England

Top Weekend Spa Breaks In England
Top Weekend Spa Breaks In England

There’s nothing better than heading off for a relaxing weekend break at a spa hotel. But it can be hard to know which one’s the best out of them all. There are so many different spa hotels in the UK, each with their own unique treatments and landscapes. While you may have a rough idea of what you do and don’t like, it can be difficult to pick one out of the hundreds that pop up on Google. So, to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled all of the best ones into one list. Keep reading and discover the top weekend spa breaks in England that you can enjoy!

Spa At Bedford Lodge

When something luxurious is what you’re craving, then the Spa at Bedford Lodge is the thing for you. Bringing you the height of extravagance, this weekend break will totally transform you. Situated in the lovely Newmarket in Suffolk, this spa will exceed all of your expectations. Their treatments include all of the latest and greatest techniques. For instance, you can enjoy floatation experiences, facials that make use of crystal therapy, and even reflexology treatments. These treatments on offer will do more than relax your body; they’ll help soothe your soul too. The lodge you stay in is beautifully decorated and will provide with a peaceful night’s sleep that’s topped off with a delicious breakfast in the morning. So, why not make the most of your time at Bedford Lodge and enjoy all that it has to offer.

The Three Graces Spa at Grantley Hall

Tucked away in the Yorkshire Dales is The Three Graces Spa and boy do they offer the whole package. From an 18-metre indoor pool to a hydrotherapy heated pool, there’s nothing that this spa can’t do for you. If you fancy trying something a little different, you could try out their snow room which is the opposite of a sauna. Cold treatments are becoming more and more popular, so it’s not surprising that this top of the range spa hotel offers it on their menu. You can also completely personalise your treatments and time away as well by completing their wellness consultation. This means that if you prefer the classic experience, you can have it, or if you want to go for something a little more modern and cutting edge, that can be done too. With massages, facials, and a huge range of natural products, this spa will pamper you to your heart’s content. The Three Graces Spa even have a stunning gym so you can keep up with your fitness regime while you’re away. Another nod to the cold therapy is their cryotherapy chamber in the gym that is said to help repair and soothe your muscles after a workout. If you’re an avid gym goer, you’ll fall in love with their underwater treadmill and altitude training! You’ll be able to really test yourself and then enjoy a lovely pampering session afterwards. All of the food and drink available is super healthy and delicious, so you’ll feel rejuvenated inside and out when you book a stay at The Three Graces Spa hotel.

Aztec Hotel Bristol

If you’re based in the south west and don’t want to travel to far for a spa weekend, then the Aztec Hotel in Bristol can provide you with everything you need. Located at just off the M5, this spa is easy to get to even if you’re coming from further afield. The great thing about this spa, is that it’s somewhat of a hidden gem. This means that you’ll get to enjoy a peaceful experience that’s not overrun with lots of people. Their wellness lounge is a top favourite as is their list of dreamy treatments. You can even enjoy a glass of wine or two by the pool! So, don’t miss out on this stunning spa break and get yourself down to Bristol.

The Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square

If you want to book your spa break in the heart of England, then you might want to check out The Four Seasons Hotel London. Although it’s in the capital, it’s hidden away to ensure you get the benefits of the peace and quiet that a spa break usually brings. The spa facilities in this place are second to none and will wow you from the second you walk inside. There’s a calming vitality pool, a huge swimming pool, and a steamy sauna that really helps to clear your mind. The spa is in partnership with Voya, and they’re able to provide you with some of the very best treatments around. There are mud treatments for your skin, full body exfoliations, and face and hair masks to ensure that you’re pampered from head to toe. Trust us when we say, you won’t want to leave this place!

South Lodge Horsham

If you’re more of a nature type person, then traditional spas might not appeal to you. However, the South Lodge in Horsham makes your outdoors dream your reality. From a wild swimming pool to a pond outdoors that’s heated, this green spa is unique to say the least. This spa is situated in the South Downs and adds to the beauty of them. The idea was to blend the spa lodge into the natural landscape instead of destroying it. So, if you want to enjoy a little bit of time outdoors on your spa break, then South Lodge is perfect for you.

Down Hall Essex

Countryside spas are fairly common, but not many are as stunning as Down Hall in Essex. This place will provide you with the most tranquil stay of your life and ensure that you leave it feeling like a new person. Their classical room décor will be extremely pleasing on your eyes, and you’ll get to enjoy the super comfortable lodgings that they provide. Their spa packages include all sorts of wonderful treatments too. Ranging from a luxury back and neck massage to a complete body polish, allowing your skin to restore its natural glow. Once you’re done with your treatments, you can head on down to the terrace and treat yourself to a fruity cocktail and a nutritious meal prepared fresh to order. They even serve a typical British afternoon tea experience as well, so you can really make the most of what England has to offer.

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Wilderness Reserve Chapel Barn Estate

Suffolk has a wonderful spa experience at the Wilderness Reserve Chapel, and it’s extremely rural. The spa makes use of the gorgeous country houses and holiday cottages so you can get a proper English countryside experience. The homes are spread out over an 8,000 acre estate, so you’ll have no problem feeling as though you’ve stepped away from reality and into an idyllic dreamland. All of the spa houses are private and offer all of the latest body and face treatments. They even provide treatments that are inspired by medical innovation, allowing you to target your problem areas and soothe them for good. All of the spa’s therapists can help you personalise your time there as well, so you can ensure you get the best experience possible. So, why not enjoy a break away at the Wilderness Reserve Chapel? You’ll find yourself dreaming about going back as soon as you leave!

Cloud Twelve

Another fabulous London spa hotel is Cloud Twelve that’s located in the picturesque Notting Hill. Their treatments are super unique as they offer massages that use calming CBD oil in them. This can really help soothe your body and mind, allowing you to fully unwind during your break. They also have other top of the range treatments like Softmesology, and Ayurvedic massages, the latter being one of the oldest holistic treatments in the world. So, if you’re looking for something that makes use of holistic practices and works to calm your soul as well as your body, then you definitely want to book in at Cloud Twelve.

Spa breaks are designed to make you feel relaxed, so knowing where to go takes half of the stress of booking out of it. England is brimming with spa hotels, so it can be overwhelming to have so much choice at first. Location is important, but so are the treatments that they offer, as no two spas are the same. You might like something glamorous so you can feel like a movie star, in which case you’d want to head into the capital city of London. Or you might prefer to be surrounded by nature and enjoy the beautiful English countryside. Whichever spa break you choose off of this list will ensure that you have a wonderful time. So, why not treat yourself to a calming weekend away and book your very own spa break? You’ll soon wonder why you haven’t been doing this every weekend of your life!

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