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Tips For Wearing A Sweet 16 Ball Gown

Tips For Wearing A Sweet 16 Ball Gown

Tips For Wearing A Sweet 16 Ball Gown
Tips For Wearing A Sweet 16 Ball Gown
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While Latin America has the Quinceanera, here in the US and Canada, the tradition is for the girl to come of age on her 16th birthday, a year later than in Mexico and other Latin cultures.

Of course, the sweet 16 party is to celebrate the start of womanhood and this could range from a very formal event to a small family party at home and in the US, boys also see this as a sign that they are soon to be men.

If you have decided to go with tradition and wear a ball gown to your sweet 16 party, here are a few tips.

  • Professional Measurements – Your bust, waist and hip measurements will determine the size and this is not something to get wrong. Best to ask a local seamstress to measure you up for sweet 16 ball gowns, as she can ensure you get the right size. You probably know that your vital statistics are bust-waist-hip and if mom is handy with sewing, perhaps she would measure you.
  • Minor Adjustments – Simply put, 99% will have to make a few minor adjustments when investing in a ball gown. When you order your gown online, make sure you allow ample time to have the dress altered by a local seamstress (or mom), which would need at least 3-4 days to be sure of being ready. The hem would need to be taken up or let down, while the waist is sure to need a little alteration for a perfect fit and you might be lucky with the bust.
  • The Right Accessories – This is definitely something that mom can help you with; if she’s fine with lending you her diamond jewellery, this is the time to sparkle. You could use Google Images to find some accessory inspiration; the right bag and perhaps a shawl, while pearls look great with a ball gown. Costume jewellery is fine for a sweet 16 party, which isn’t about displaying wealth, just be careful not to overdo the jewellery.
  • Shoes – High heels are preferred and wear your shoes when you go for your fitting, as the seamstress will want to see you in the shoes when she alters the hem. Don’t settle for anything less than very comfortable. We recommend wearing the shoes around the house for a few hours. Learn more about the traditions of the sweet 16 event through articles available online.
  • Hair – The traditional up-do is recommended if you have long hair, otherwise, a suitable style can be chosen when you talk to a hairstylist.

Choosing The Right Gown

Tips For Wearing A Sweet 16 Ball Gown
Image Source: Unsplash

This is something to take your time with and the online designer dress boutique is the best place to start your search for the perfect gown for a sweet 16 party. Spend a couple of hours trawling the net and bookmark websites with dresses you like, then you can easily go back and place an order.

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Lastly, the most important thing of all is that you feel good in your outfit and remember that this is a time for fun!

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