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Tips for Choosing the Best Sisal Carpets for Your Dubai Homes

Tips for Choosing the Best Sisal Carpets for Your Dubai Homes

Tips for Choosing the Best Sisal Carpets for Your Dubai Homes
Tips for Choosing the Best Sisal Carpets for Your Dubai Homes
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Sisal carpet has become a popular choice in Dubai due to its natural look, durability, and ability to handle the hot climate. However, there are a few important things to consider before buying sisal carpets here. 

This article provides useful information on sisal as a material, measuring your space, quality and construction, prices, best places to shop, care and maintenance, and dealing with spills or stains. Read on to make an informed decision when purchasing sisal carpets.

Things to Consider When Buying Sisal Carpet 

Measuring the Area

The first step is to accurately measure the floor space where you plan to install the sisal carpet. Get the length, width, entrances, and any awkward angles or alcoves. This allows you to purchase the correct carpet size and have it fit properly wall-to-wall. Having an extra leftover carpet is wasteful and too small means an exposed floor. So take detailed measurements.

Construction Quality

Check that the sisal carpets are well constructed from dense, good-quality sisal yarn without thin patches or visible underlying bases. The threads should be tightly woven for durability and there should not be any loose fraying ends. Also, ensure there is canvas or latex backing to provide stability, prevent stretching, and improve longevity.

Pile Height

Sisal pile height ranges from 1?4 inch to 1?2 inch. The lower pile is easier to clean but the higher pile has a softer feel underfoot. So decide based on your priority between easier maintenance or comfort. Those with pets or heavy traffic may prefer a lower 1/4-inch pile.


Sisal rugs usually come with plain canvas borders to neatly finish the edges. If you prefer a decorated border, some sellers offer options like graphic prints or braided coils in colors complementing the sisal. This choice is mostly aesthetic based on room décor.


Prices of sisal carpets in Dubai generally range from 30-100 AED per square foot based on factors like quality, pile height, origin, construction, dealer margins, etc. So set your budget and expectation of how much wear-and-tear the carpets will endure. Higher quality may cost more initially but last much longer.

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Care and Maintenance

Sisal requires minimal maintenance to look good for years. Regular vacuuming, prompt stain removal, and shaking out dust are all these carpets need. Avoid excessive moisture and harsh chemicals. Stay away from rubber-backed mats or furniture legs that can potentially discolor sisal from latex reactions over time.

Dealing with Spills and Stains

Liquid spills must be blotted quickly with absorbent towels before they seep in and cause stubborn marks. Avoid aggressive scrubbing which can fray the sisal yarn. For mud or dirt marks, let it dry completely then vacuum once hardened. For tough food, oil or grease stains, use a small amount of pH-neutral cleaner made specifically for sisal. This lifts the stain without bleaching or discoloring the natural fiber.

Should We Buy Sisal Carpet for a Dubai Home?

Yes, buying sisal carpets in Dubai is a good option for homes. It is coarse, durable, and off-white. Sisal has good moisture resistance and is easy to clean which makes it suitable for flooring in hot and humid climates. It is environmentally friendly as well since it is biodegradable and made from plant materials without any harsh chemicals.


Sisal makes an excellent choice for carpets in Dubai homes due to its resilient nature. When making purchase decisions, factor in proper sizing, construction quality, pile height, borders, price range, dealer reputation, care requirements, and stain removal. Sisal carpets cared for properly as per guidelines can serve homeowners well for over 20 years. So do your research to find the best product for your needs.

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