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TikTok Viral: What Is Actually Low and High Visual Weight Face?

TikTok Viral: What Is Actually Low and High Visual Weight Face?

TikTok Viral: What Is Actually Low and High Visual Weight Face?
TikTok Viral: What Is Actually Low and High Visual Weight Face?

So, TikTok has done it again! The latest trend taking the platform by storm involves dissecting faces into categories of low and high visual weight for makeup and outfit inspo. What in the world is visual weight, you ask? Well, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the world of bone structures, facial features, and face volume.

What is Visual Weight for Face?

Alright, let’s break it down. Visual weight for your face is essentially the invisible scale that measures the impact your features have on a viewer. It takes into consideration your bone structure, facial features (hello, cheekbones!), and the volume of your face. It’s like giving your face a score for its starring role in your life’s movie.

Is It Matter Now?

Well, if TikTok says it does, then it does! But in all seriousness, understanding visual weight can help you tailor your makeup and outfit choices to accentuate your unique features. It’s like learning the secret language your face has been speaking all along.

Low Visual Weight vs. High Visual Weight:

What is Low Visual Weight?

Think Hailey Bieber. Her face is like a gentle breeze—light, airy, and effortlessly cool. Low visual weight faces usually have softer features and a more delicate bone structure. These faces are the canvas for the ‘girl-next-door’ look.

What is High Visual Weight?

Check Lisa from Blackpink, the epitome of high visual weight. Bold, striking, and impossible to ignore. High visual weight faces often have prominent features, strong bone structures, and an overall wow-factor. These faces are practically begging for a spotlight.

How to Check Your Visual Weight?

Grab your phone, open the camera, and voila! Your phone’s camera can be your instant visual weight judge. Just pay attention to what stands out—the subtle curves or the bold angles.

  • Snap a pic of yourself in some natural light.
  • Set on a black and white filter in editing mode.
  • Set that contrast down to negative 100 and take a screenshot.
  • Repeat the whole shebang, but this time set the contrast to a solid 100.

Now, compare the two snaps. If your facial features pop more in the negative 100 contrast, congrats, you’re rocking a lower visual weight. On the flip side, if your mug steals the spotlight at 100 percent contrast, well, you’ve got yourself a higher visual weight situation.

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Makeup Tips:

1. High Visual Weight Face

If you’re on the Lisa end of the spectrum, embrace it! Go all out with bold makeup choices. Think fierce winged eyeliner, daring eyeshadow colors, and contouring that could cut glass. Your face can handle the drama, so give the people what they want – a show-stopping look.

2. Low Visual Weight Face

For those with a more Hailey’s vibe, less is more. Opt for clean girl, natural-looking makeup that enhances your features without stealing the spotlight. Embrace dewy finishes, neutral tones, and let your effortless beauty shine through.

Whether your face is a canvas for bold statements or a subtle masterpiece, the key is to understand and celebrate your unique features. So, grab that makeup palette, strike a pose, and let your face tell its own story – low or high visual weight, you’re the star!

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