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TikTok Viral: Tips to Create Crying Makeup Trends For Daily Look

TikTok Viral: Tips to Create Crying Makeup Trends For Daily Look

TikTok Viral: Tips to Create Crying Makeup Trends For Daily Look

This makeup trend is now being viral by TikTok. We called it as vampire skin, siren eyes until the most recent one is crying makeup trend. It’s so viral, many beauty creators are trying to recreate the look of makeup that gives makeup results like someone who’s been crying.

What’s Crying Makeup Look?

The latest makeup trend is making the viral on TikTok, and this time it’s a bit unexpected. You’ve probably noticed more people talking about “crying makeup” or “sad girl makeup” recently, and it’s exactly that: makeup is meant to look like you’ve been crying for a long time.

How To Get Crying Makeup Look?

If you are also interested in re-creating this makeup look, check out the basic tips below:

1. Get The Natural Looks

The key to create this crying makeup look for everyday is natural makeup. So, after cleaning your face and using skin care, you can apply a skin tint according to your skin color, or simply use concealer on areas of skin that have black spots or acne scars. Don’t forget to set it with translucent powder.

TikTok Viral: Tips to Create Crying Makeup Trends For Daily Look

2. Soft Blurry Lips

For crying makeup look, the lips should be look softer. The method is also quite easy, apply lip cream or soft colored lip tint in the area from the inside of the lips to the middle of the lips, then smooth it all over the lips to get to the lip line using a lip brush to produce a blurry lips effect. Finally, you can add lip gloss to give a touch of healthy and moist lips.

3. Blush On Is The Key

If you look at your face in the mirror shortly after crying, you will definitely find your face, especially the cheeks and nose turn red, right? The key to getting such a makeup result is the pink blush on. Apply the blush on the eye area under the eyes, cheeks, and the top of the nose. You can also use eyeshadow of the same color to make the result look more natural.

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4. Perfect It With Highlighter

Use liquid glitter on the outer corner to the middle of the eyelid and lower line to give the effect of wet eyes like they have been crying. In addition, also apply highlighter on the cheekbones, nose tip, and cupid bow to complete your girl crying makeup look.

5. Use Eye Curler Or Mascara To Get The Eye Makeup

Since you want a natural look for daily, then for eye makeup you can simply use an eye curler or mascara so that your eyelashes look naturally curled. However, if you want to apply this makeup look for a special occasion, you can add eyeliner with a soft bold puppy liner style, and add a more intense glitter effect for eye makeup.

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