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Things You Must Know While Trying to Lose Belly Fat

Things You Must Know While Trying to Lose Belly Fat

Things You Must Know While Trying to Lose Belly Fat

There’s every reason to want to burn off your belly fat. It goes way beyond just looks and how well-fitting that gorgeous gown will look on your perfect figure. Belly fat is dangerous and can increase your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and liver problems. That’s because it can impair the body’s responsiveness to insulin, leading to high blood sugar.

So, whether you just want to have that bikini body or you’re a health freak, shedding abdominal fat can never be the wrong choice.

However, you want to be conscious of some things while at it.

If you’ve already started your weight loss journey or intend to do so, here are things to know when trying to burn belly fat.

There’s no particular exercise for burning belly fat

It’s easy to think that exercises focusing on stomach muscles will help you burn abdominal fat fast, but it’s not true. Doing crunches and sit-ups every day will tone up your core but will not specifically burn off the fat faster.

It would help if you focused on overall activity and consuming fewer calories. You might even want to explore burn pills and similar supplements to help burn fat alongside your healthy diet to ensure weight loss! In essence, regular resistance training will help you burn belly fat as much as crunches.

Focus on consuming more protein and fiber

High protein consumption makes you feel full for longer, curbing your longing to eat. This automatically makes you consume fewer calories in the long run, causing you to lose weight.

Furthermore, metabolizing protein burns calories more than it does with carbs, especially simple sugars. That’s because protein is more complex. So, while trying to shed abdominal fat, eat more protein and a moderate amount of complex carbs.

Dietary fiber works the same way as it keeps you full for longer.

Belly fat is pretty difficult to lose…

The stomach contains a high concentration of beta fat cells, which don’t easily respond to the normal fat breakdown process. Also, if you go through stress a lot, the stress hormone cortisol may stock up fat in your midsection.

So you may notice your abdominal fat isn’t reducing in proportion to other body parts. If you face this challenge, a tummy tuck can help. It’s a surgical procedure that practically removes excess fat from your midsection. Tummy tuck specialist, Dr. Eisemann also uses this method to help tighten up sagging abdominal skin due to rapid weight loss.

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…And consuming too much alcohol will not help your progress

Drinking excessive alcohol while on a weight loss journey is like trying to fill a basket with water. You’re always right back where you started.

Alcohol can increase belly fat or make burning it more difficult. In the presence of several energy producers in your body, alcohol is burned first, and the excess carbs are converted into fat and stored in the — you guessed right — stomach. That’s why it’s called “beer belly.”

Blood sugar management should be a priority

Blood sugar management should be one of your foremost priorities when trying to shed abdominal fat. It’s important to note that the stomach is one of the primary places where fat gets stored. So the slightest calories you have in excess will be converted to fatty tissue in your midsection.

That’s why it’s easy to tell if you’ve gained weight simply by measuring your waist size. By checking your sugar consumption to ensure you don’t take more than your body requires, there will be little or no excess to store as fat in your stomach. This will make burning what’s present much easier.

Losing abdominal fat can seem pretty frustrating, but you surely know the benefits you stand to gain. By knowing these secrets, your journey will likely have more positive results.

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