The Various Types Of Engagement Ring Settings

Image Source: Unsplash

The Various Types Of Engagement Ring Settings – If you are planning to pop the question soon, the engagement ring will be something you are thinking about, and there are many styles and designs to choose from.

Image Source: Unsplash
Image Source: Unsplash

Of course, the engagement ring should contain diamonds, which are traditional for engagement rings, and there are quite a few settings that can be used with a diamond ring, which we will examine in this article.

  • Halo Setting – A very
    popular setting among romantics, the halo setting has small accent diamonds
    that completely encircle the large centre stone. If you talk to a specialist
    jeweller that offers loose stones, you can select every aspect of the design
    and end up with a ring that reflects your concept of the perfect symbol of your

  • Bezel
    Setting –
    This is ideal for a large stone, as
    the metal is grooved to allow the stone to fit snugly. If you’re at all
    concerned about losing your diamond, the bezel is the setting for you. If you
    would like an engagement ring that is truly unique, Certified
    Diamond Network offers wholesale diamonds Sydney
    investors go for, and they can create a stunning ring based
    on your preferences. Contrary to popular belief, customising a diamond ring is
    no more expensive than a pre-made ring, and every woman would be thrilled to
    know that the engagement ring she’s wearing is one of a kind.
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  • Channel Setting – A
    popular choice for the woman with an active lifestyle, the channel setting
    involves small stones that sit tightly into a channelled groove, with two walls
    of metal on either side that ensure the stones are firmly in place. It’s an
    elegant setting that is ideal for a complete circle of small diamonds.

  • Three-Stone Setting – Typically a large central diamond with one smaller stone
    either side, the three-stone setting really is a perfect solution for the girl
    who wants three stunning diamonds in a line. For some inspiration in your quest
    for the perfect diamond engagement ring, there some images you can find online
    that highlight some of the settings that best show off diamonds.
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  • Basket Setting – As
    the name suggests, this setting is formed in the shape of a basket, with a
    complex shape that holds the single diamond in such a way that it reflects the
    light through 360 degrees to give a stunning sparkle. This is a raised setting,
    yet is stronger than the traditional prong setting that is used in solitaire designs.
    If she likes to show off that big diamond, the basket setting is an ideal

  • Shared Prong Setting – This differs from the traditional prong in as much as each stone shares a prong with the one next
    to it, forming a line of small diamonds that really do catch the light.

Image Source Pixabay
Image Source Pixabay

If you approach a custom jeweller, you can choose the type of metal for the band, the setting, and, of course, the diamonds. Creating a ring from scratch is a very special way of showing that you want something very special for your bride-to-be and regarding cost, you will likely be pleasantly surprised.


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