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The Semi Permanent Brow and Lip Experts (Brow Queen LA)

The Semi Permanent Brow and Lip Experts (Brow Queen LA)

The Semi Permanent Brow and Lip Experts (Brow Queen LA)
The Semi Permanent Brow and Lip Experts (Brow Queen LA)

At Brow Queen LA we specialize in permanent makeup for the lips and brows and we offer our customers our unique BQLA signature look. Our “brow lists“ or brow stylists give you semi permanent brows and lips that’s allows you to wake up ready in order to help minimize time needed for your daily makeup routine. Whether you’re a busy mom, working professional, or just don’t have much time to fill in your brows in the morning, we have the solution for you!  We make it easy for you to wake up ready; semi pemanent make up is the future of makeup.

Good brows, good lips and good skin are all you need to feel comfortable in your skin. Brows are the crowns to your face and we can’t tell you the difference it makes to your face to have perfectly groomed brows that are here to stay. 

We love when our Brow Queens tell us that it’s been life changing for them not having to focus so much time in the morning or before a special event to try achieving symmetrical brows. Also, when they don’t have to worry about their brows wiping off when they go swimming or biking. Think about it when your brows are on point, you really feel good just like when you have a good hair day.  What makes us proud is when a procedure is finished and seeing the delight and in our client’s eyes. We often notice in pictures taken after procedures when I can see their eyes just “smeyes’ing” THAT is what I work hard for.

The Semi Permanent Brow and Lip Experts (Brow Queen LA)

We don’t believe in giving everyone what I call the “Instagram Brow “. Our belief is that everyone is different and it’s our job to take direction from our clients. We always tell our clients that even though we are the experts, we are here to achieve your dream brow. Talk to us and think of us as your brow therapists. It’s very important to listen to our clients wants and needs.

The reason our founder got into makeup was because nobody would listen to her when she would go to make up counters and want to get her make up done. She would often walk away from the counter looking too orange or too dark with barely defined brow. “I am a brow girl “GIVE ME A BOLD BROW “lol 

Our founder felt artists at those counters would just do what they felt look best for her and not include her in the process. It was never what she wanted and she would always run home to redo her makeup. She thought that maybe they were doing what they felt was good for her but in the end it didn’t make her feel good and she didn’t feel like she was heard.

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Due to the experiences of our founder, we never push something onto a client but prefer to have collaboration.  This is why consultations at BQLA are apart of the brows & lips journey. This is where we really get to know our clients and get to know their fears and goals. Based upon this, we know where to begin.

Not everyone has the same perception of beauty and we can’t say that we have a signature look as every face is different. However, we do have a signature motto and that’ is  “MAKE EVERYONE a BROW QUEEN!”

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