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The Most Viral Japanese Beauty Trend – Igari Makeup

The Most Viral Japanese Beauty Trend – Igari Makeup

The Most Viral Japanese Beauty Trend - Igari Makeup
The Most Viral Japanese Beauty Trend - Igari Makeup
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After the douyin, now there is a viral beauty trend from Japan, yup that’s true let’s talk about the “igari makeup”. This trend is still dominated by pink like the douyin makeup, only the eye part is more minimalist and focus more on blushing on the middle of the cheeks, making the face look cutier and rounder.

This igari blush actually was popular during the pandemic, on applying it high above the cheekbones can make it still visible when wearing a mask.

What is Igary blush?

Also known as “hangover makeup”, the blush technique that focus under the eyes, above the cheekbones and along the bridge of the nose.

This technique has long been relied on by Japanese women to get a cute anime character-style look, highlighting the strong pink hue under the eyes.

However, even though the application is done right under the eyes, this makeup does not aim to focus attention on the eye area, but rather focuses on the face complexion.

Why Igari Makeup is so popular nowadays?

Because the effect to look cute and innocent, especially for those who like the “soft girl” and feminine makeup style.

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Also this makeup trend is suitable for anyone. However, if you have skin with fine lines around the eyes, you should choose powder blush on instead of cream blush on that cause fine lines more visible.

Meanwhile, if you have skin that is prone to redness and rosacea, make sure you have neutralized the redness in the T-zone area and cheeks first, so that’s not make your whole face look red when using this technique.

Igari Makup Basic Tips

The igari blush beauty look is achieved by using blush on that is light pink or one shade lighter than natural blush of the cheeks. Here are igari makeup tutorial:

  • Skin prep with skincare, then apply base makeup such as foundation and concealer to neutralize redness in the face area.
  • Choose a small brush for the blush on, this will make it easier for you to focus on applying the product only to the desired point.
  • Start applying blush on at the top of the cheekbones and continue to the bridge of the nose by patting (not dragging it). Applying blush by dragging it can make skin look rough. Also pay attention to applying the product thinly and gradually so that the shade you build can stand out, but doesn’t seem excessive.
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