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The Connection Between Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

The Connection Between Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

The Connection Between Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence
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Some individuals have violent tendencies that can come out at virtually any moment. Some of these people have grown up around violence, so they’ve learned this is an acceptable behavior to use to solve problems. Others seem to have been born with a nasty disposition, and these cases seem more about nature than nurture.

Drug use can also play a part in violent tendencies, especially domestic violence. Substances like fentanyl and opioids might come into play, and there are always substances that can make a person more high-strung, such as methamphetamine, crack, cocaine, etc.

There is an enduring and obvious connection between domestic violence and substance abuse, and we’ll discuss it now.

When an Addict Gets High, They’re More Volatile

Let’s envision a scenario for a moment. You have a couple living together, or perhaps they are married. One of them is an addict or uses a drug regularly. The other one doesn’t use drugs, or they use them far less frequently.

The individual in that relationship who uses drugs has the capacity in them for violence. They have demonstrated this on numerous occasions. However, they’re far more likely to use violence against their partner or spouse if they’re under the influence.

Why is this? One reason is often that if someone gets high or is intoxicated, they’re more likely to have a more extreme reaction if they start arguing with their partner.

If they’re sober, they may be likely to get themselves under control if their blood pressure starts rising and they begin thinking about resorting to extreme measures. If they’re under the influence, it makes sense their volatility will lead to a violent outburst.

Someone Who’s Abusing Substances Has Less Patience

Having less patience plays into these situations as well. If someone has the capacity for violence, they might be able to reason with a family member if that person starts a dispute with them. If this individual has been using alcohol or their drug of choice, though, they may have a shorter fuse.

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One wrong word from a family member could be enough to antagonize the drug user into employing violence to settle the argument. Drug use which leads to less patience can result in the drug abuser throwing a punch or hurtling something at the object of their wrath.

Addicts Are Less Inclined to Think About Consequences

We should also factor in that someone who uses drugs or alcohol is probably doing so to dull their pain or to remove themselves from the world’s realities for a time. When they’re in that condition, they may be less inclined to think about the very real consequences that could result if they do something violent.

Their violence and everything around them can seem less real when they’re drunk or high. That’s probably one of the main reasons why they indulge in their chosen drug or alcohol to begin with.

Looking at the situation in this way, it’s easy to see how domestic violence and drug abuse go together.

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