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The Basics of Shipping Your Car to-and-from California

The Basics of Shipping Your Car to-and-from California

The Basics of Shipping Your Car to-and-from California
The Basics of Shipping Your Car to-and-from California

Shipping Your Car to and From California is an increasingly popular solution for people moving into new states, given its diverse landscape that boasts cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Yosemite National Park.

Selecting an auto transport company in California to safely deliver your vehicle ensures it arrives quickly and in perfect condition. Before booking your shipment, be sure to receive a detailed quote and pricing analysis from them and read the information below, carefully.


Reliability of a company is key. If you’re planning a move and you need car transport to California, make sure your vehicle remains safe during transit by finding a dependable car shipping service with top-notch customer service that can meet all of your individual needs. Ask friends and family or search online reviews; once chosen make sure your shipper possesses both an U.S. Department of Transportation number and motor carrier number to demonstrate they comply with federal safety regulations.

Planning ahead can ensure your vehicle will be picked up and dropped off on time, as well as giving you time to compare prices for the best deals. Many companies offer discounts when booking early; transport may even be less costly at off-peak seasons.

Preparing your vehicle for shipment involves clearing out personal belongings and inspecting fluid levels and tire pressure, washing its exterior and interior as well as leaving enough gas so the carrier has enough to reach their destination safely. These steps can help protect against damage during transport while saving on fuel costs – saving both time and money in the process!


Price for shipping your car depends on several factors, such as distance and type of car. Luxury models or inoperable cars tend to cost more than standard models due to additional time and effort required in shipping them; as your distance increases so does you’re per mile rate.

Other costs to keep in mind when shipping from another state include any applicable taxes or fees, such as California’s 5% sales tax – explained on this site. You will also likely need to register the vehicle within 10 days after finalizing its sale in California.

Some auto shipping companies charge a flat fee to transport your vehicle while others use an automated system that calculates total costs based on mileage or other variables. Either way, before agreeing to ship with any company you should obtain a detailed quote so you can assess if they are worth doing business with.

Your car could arrive anywhere between three to ten days later than planned due to driver needs and rest stops as well as loading/unloading other cars along the way – so also remember to plan accordingly!

The Basics of Shipping Your Car to-and-from California


Car transport companies typically offer different rates and discounts based on route. To find the best possible deal, be sure to research each car shipping company on your list, and compare their policies and rates and try scheduling your shipment for an off-peak season if possible – this may help keep costs lower!

Open carriers are an efficient and economical method for shipping cars. They are large trucks equipped with several car carriers to save on fuel and oil costs while protecting vehicles during transport. Open carriers also provide your vehicle with protection from elements during its journey to its new home.

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Make sure that your transport agent provides a quote that includes all applicable fees, such as fuel surcharges and taxes, to avoid unexpected expenses in the future, including cancellation surprises. Document the condition of your vehicle before shipping as this could help provide evidence if any damage occurs during transport.


As you ship your car from or to California, you want the peace of mind knowing it will arrive safely. Luckily, there are trustworthy car transport services with stringent protocols in place to guarantee its arrival in pristine condition. Prior to sending off the vehicle for shipment, an inspection company will thoroughly check its condition while inviting you along during this inspection process.

Make sure to take photos of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle before transportation begins, in order to document any existing damage and facilitate filling out a vehicle condition report when your car arrives. This will help protect you in case there are any disputes over additional damage sustained during transit.

California, as the most populous US state, boasts an expansive economy and boasts some of the world’s leading corporations as residents and business alike flock there to set up new lives or find employment opportunities. This vibrant state provides people with many options when considering moving here either for work or family reasons; no matter why people relocate here.

Car transport companies specialize in handling vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Their professional teams inspect and handle each car under their care to keep a close watch over its condition before delivery to you. Their GPS system tracks each step of your journey; sharing this data with you so that you may remain up-to-date during transport. Insurance coverage and bonds protect clients’ vehicles during transit.

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