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The Most Stylish Looks Of Selena Gomez Street Style

The Most Stylish Looks Of Selena Gomez Street Style

Who doesn’t know Selena Gomez? The actress who began to pursue the world of entertainment from a young age had a chance to join in Disney. In addition to singing and acting, Gomez also had starred in several advertising products for teenagers. Ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber is indeed a role model as teenagers world.

Success inspires girls to women, classified Gomez have great taste about fashion. Her street style tends to be chic but still seem natural. Often Gomez appear simple and stunning by wearing Texan cowgirl who combined typical Boho chic of Hollywood. Gomez was almost always choose the short pants as fashion item that successfully completes her style choices.

# 1 : Smart Young Lady

Selena Gomez street style looks are deliberate feature of smart formal impression as well. However, Gomez never forget to make it look still look young. The trick is to combine skinny jeans and a ruffle blouse that makes it seem fresh and dynamic. Meanwhile, to add to the impression of a formal, Gomez added a blazer with matching color. For appearance does not impress too casual, Gomez chose colors such as dark gray and creamy gray from superiors to footwear .

# 2 : Hollywood Boho Chic

Selena Gomez Style with boho chic is very easy to imitate. Simply by wearing dark colors jegging, mini tunic dress made of chiffon or silk which has a mixed print motif. In order to look more outstanding, Gomez also added high heels shoes pump or flat shoes models that make the appearance looks glamorous .

# 3 : Sophisticated Hippy

Gomez hippy style a little more simple than boho chic. That is by wearing a gray tunic that tend to open a little loose and make it look stylish and look ‘ lumpy ‘. In addition , high heels Gomez chose a T – strap with a neutral color that makes it seem casual elegance in the show though.

Here are some of the best views Selena Gomez street style that might inspire you.

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