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Skincare for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know

Skincare for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know

Skincare for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know
Skincare for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know
Skincare for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know

Is the stress of work (or 2020) showing on your skin? Have you decided to commit to a skincare routine?

Committing to skincare isn’t only for beauty reasons. As the largest organ protecting your body, it’s important to keep it healthy. It’s also a form of self-care, providing mental health benefits to counter everyday stress.

With so many products to choose from, skincare for beginners can be daunting. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, read on because this guide has got you covered.

Know Your Skin First

Don’t rush into trying out different products on your skin. Skin care 101 for beginners starts with knowing your skin type so you know what it needs.

Observe your skin a few hours after a shower or without any products on. Your skin condition will fall under one of the following categories.

  • Oily Skin: Greasy and shiny. Enlarged pores and tends to have more acne.
  • Dry Skin: Dull and rough. Less elastic. Can become flaky.
  • Normal Skin: Balanced dryness and oiliness. No or few blemishes.
  • Combination Skin: Dry skin in some areas and oily skin in others, usually on the T-zone.

For sensitive skin types, it’s good practice to patch test new products on your inner arm. Check for any reactions before using it on your face.

You don’t need to see a dermatologist before you begin a skincare regimen. However, it’s best to check in with an expert for specific skin conditions or any major concerns.

Skincare for Beginners: The Basic Routine

A complicated regimen isn’t necessary and most dermatologists recommend to keep it simple. The following are the basic skincare routine steps.

  1. Cleanse

Do it twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Experts recommend beginners opt for gentle, hydrating cleansers with minimal ingredients.

If you have dry skin, you can use plain water in the morning. However, cleansing in the evening is an absolute must.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizers replenish hydration after cleansing. It’s best to go with oil-free and fragrance-free moisturizers.

Address particular skin needs during this step. Find moisturizers with extra ingredients that treat your specific concerns.

  1. Protect

Finally, apply sunscreen before you head out for the day.

Go for a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 or higher. Use it even when it’s cloudy. It’s your first line of defense against UV damage and skin cancer.

Adding More Layers of Care

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Besides the basic skin care routine, you can add more as needed.

You can use a serum to supplement your skin’s vitamin needs. We recommend those with Retinol, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and fruit acids.

Other extra steps can include masks and exfoliants. You can add exfoliants once or twice per week using either alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids.

For special skin concerns, seek products with active ingredients (“actives”) that target your specific needs. You can check out Yves Rocher for skincare products that suit your skin.

Begin Your Skincare Regimen Today

Skincare for beginners doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Follow this guide, stick to the basic steps, don’t make it too complicated. Treat it as a self-care ritual, and your skin will stay healthy against the ravages of stress and age.

If you’d like to know more about keeping your skin radiant and healthy, feel free to check out our other guides too!

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