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Aesthetic Bow Hairstyles Ideas To Copy on 2023

Aesthetic Bow Hairstyles Ideas To Copy on 2023

Ribbon Hairstyles Ideas To Achieve The Most Aesthetic Pinterest Looks

Welcoming a month full of love, you definitely need various ways to express yourself with stunning and aesthetic look. Looking beautiful doesn’t always have to please your partner, but you can also do as a self-love, as well as pampering yourself from head to toe.

Maybe you have seen this bow hairstyle trend on social medias, such as Instagram, Pinterest or Tiktok. Many influencers have inspired us how to get the hairstyle with ribbon or oversized bow with chic and gives a more exotic vintage look.

Did you know that this ribbon trend is currently popular until now, especially in 2023. And it looks like it will be a timeless trend that most girls will try. With its popularity, you can still try this trend to update your look or make your best profile photo for the social media.

However, there are ultimate this that must be considered to style ribbon in your hair looks beautiful and doesn’t look tacky. Here are some ideas to make you look beautiful with ribbon hairstyle and get the most aesthetic look like Pinterest girls on 2024!

1. Volume Your Hair

Make sure your hair is always clean, smells good and has volume. Because the most important on this hair styling is to make your hair thicker.

2. Adjust the ribbon color with your outfit

After that, think about the bow color and adjust it to the outfit you are wearing. Like other hair accessories, this is an important thing for you to pay attention to.

3. Ribbon Materials And Styles

You can choose the ribbon material according to your aesthetic style. Some of the best materials are lace, satin, cotton or tulle.

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4. Be Creative

Apart from the half up half down styles, you can be more creatives with other styles, try Low Ponytail, Side style, or Pigtail bow.

5. Style Your Permed Hairstyle

If you have curly or permed hair, you don’t need to worry about wearing ribbons for hair styling. In fact, you will look cute because your hair looks natural and voluminous.

6. Be Confident

Lastly, you have to be confident! You are already beautiful the way you are, you are more beautiful with your styling. Get your best photos in the style like pinterest girl and make it the best self-love you’ve ever had.


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