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Restoring Antique and Wooden Furniture from Water Damage

Restoring Antique and Wooden Furniture from Water Damage


Sydney, Australia, is a city that offers a lot of outdoor activities for its residents. Having almost 300 days of sunshine, Sydney has always been on the top ten list of most livable cities worldwide. Sydney also has great beaches and surfing spots that attract tourists all year round.


While Sydney is mostly sunny throughout the year, there are times when the city may be visited by strong tropical cyclones which may cause flash flooding. Aside from that, residents of Sydney may experience basement flooding as a result of leaking or broken water pipes. When this happens, a lot of furniture may become damaged with water. Fortunately, there are shops for furniture repairs in Sydney that can expertly handle and restore water damaged furniture.

Causes of Water Damaged Furniture

Wooden furniture may become soaked with water for a variety of reasons. Strong cyclones may cause flooding, water pipes or roofs may leak, or furniture may get wet while suppressing a fire. Whatever the cause of the water damage, it is important to immediately set a plan to restore the wooden furniture, especially if they are antiques.

Damages Caused by Water to Furniture

Wooden antique furniture can easily get damaged by prolonged exposure to moisture or being soaked in water. Surface mould growths may damage leather upholstery of a water-damaged sofa. The finish of the wooden parts of the furniture may get stained. The glue that adheres the joints together may weaken, causing the structure of the furniture to be unstable. Wood members of the antique furniture may deform because of water damage.

The Need for Immediate Repairs

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Antique wooden furniture that has been soaked in water should be handled as soon as possible. Shops that offer Furniture repairs in Sydney will assess the extent of the repairs based on the following:

  • The Extent of the Water Damage. How long was the furniture soaked in water? Furniture that was soaked for a long time may develop warping in some of its wooden members. When this happens, the furniture repair specialist will assess if the furniture can still be repaired and restored to its original state.
  • The Cost of the Furniture. If the cost of the repair is greater than what you paid for the furniture, then it is better just to let go of the item and buy a new one. However, if the sentimental attachment that you have with the water damage furniture is too much, then restoring it to its original state may be worth the investment.
  • Type of Furniture Material.Restoring and repairing wooden furniture that is considered antiques will always be worth the time and the effort. However, veneered furniture that has been water damaged may not be worth the cost and effort to be restored or repaired. Veneered furniture is cheap and can easily be replaced.
  • Time Sensitive. Repairing and restoring water-damaged wooden furniture is a time-sensitive process. You must indeed set the restoration process immediately; however, the drying process for wooden furniture should be done carefully and slowly. Force drying wooden furniture may warp or deform its original shape. Drying the furniture under the sun should also be avoided as this will also lead to warping and deformation.
  • Furniture Parts. Furniture with drawers and doors must also be dried out slowly. Drawers may get stuck due to their expansion as water seeps through the wooden pores.

When having antique wooden furniture restored from water damage, you must expect for the worse for the best. There may be original parts that will not be restored to their original state, which can significantly affect the price. Nevertheless, always look for furniture repair shops in Sydney that specializes in restoring water damaged furniture.

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