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What Is the Real Cost of Owning a Horse?

What Is the Real Cost of Owning a Horse?

What Is the Real Cost of Owning a Horse?
What Is the Real Cost of Owning a Horse?
What Is the Real Cost of Owning a Horse?

Equine activities come with many benefits.

For one thing, they can help you with your fitness goals. You don’t even have to ride a horse to break a sweat. Cleaning a stall, grooming a horse, and so on can be physically demanding, and the more you do them, the more you can avoid being sedentary.

There are mental and social benefits to consider as well. Working with horses can help reduce stress and can give you opportunities to interact with other horse-loving folks.

Now, if you’re wondering about the cost of owning a horse, you need to keep those benefits in mind because horse ownership can get very expensive. Here, we’ll talk about all the expenses associated with buying and keeping a horse.

Understanding the True Cost of Owning a Horse

“How much does it cost to own a horse?” is a frequently asked question. The problem is this question has too many possible answers. Some might pay millions for one horse, while others might get a horse for free by adopting.

Of course, buying a horse (or getting one for free) is only one part of the equation. Take a look at some of the basic expenses of owning a horse.

One-Time or Occasional Expenses

Even if you got your horse for free, you still need to make some extra purchases from time to time. These can be things such as a saddle, bridle, grooming tools, and other necessary supplies that keep your horse healthy, these range from treats, salt licks to full spectrum cbd pet tincture. You might get some good deals though, especially for pre-owned items. But if you plan to compete, or ride your horse a lot, you’ll have to add appropriate clothing to your horse ownership budget.

Speaking of appropriate clothing, you don’t have to buy the most expensive stuff. The important thing is to be safe. For example, the items for women from are all high-quality, but their prices are quite reasonable.

Ongoing Costs of Owning a Horse

The bulk of your expenses will go to food, vet and farrier fees, and general maintenance. If you plan to keep your horse on your own property, you might save some money, compared to boarding your animal on someone else’s property. However, making sure your barn or stables are safe for your horse isn’t cheap.

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Aside from equipment and fencing, you also have to pay for your horse’s bedding and other stabling essentials. Other ongoing costs include supplements, shoeing, insurance, etc.

Also, don’t underestimate the time and commitment required to care for a horse. Grooming, caring for a sick horse, ensuring your animal gets enough exercise are part of your responsibilities as an owner. If you’re not sure you can do all of these, you should explore alternatives to horse ownership such as volunteering, joining clubs, and so on.

Should You Own a Horse?

Horse ownership can be rewarding, but it’s important you fully understand the real cost of owning a horse.

If you’re determined to become a horse owner, the next step is to find a reputable seller (if you don’t know any trainers or are sure you can’t get one for free). Don’t forget to do your homework, so you can buy the right horse for you.

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